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Hi everyone.


I would like to explain a situation I am in. I have this friend. We have been friends for five years, since we met each other at school. A little while after we first met we started to go out, then after about a year we broke up. A little while after this we became friends. Then about two years ago we became really good friends, pretty much best friends. We hugged a lot, we even kissed each other sometimes, it was a bit strange but we we're really good friends... most of the time.


However there was always a bit of a problem, and it got worse more recently. Sometime she would barley talk to me in front of some people, decide to ditch me for other people (who she knew far less well). It sometimes felt like she didn't want to know me, then suddenly she would be fine with me again. Over the past few months is got worse with her constantly ditching me or ignoring me completely for other people. I started to get into arguments with her over this, but we always seemed to forgive each other after a short time they never really seemed that bad. Unfortunately they started to get more frequent. Then a few days ago I was joking around with her and I said something like “I guess you don't want to talk to me then”. This was defiantly a joke everyone else around knew it was, but she snapped. I left her for a while then tried to sort things out but it's been a few days now and she still won't talk to me. She has told me she doesn't wish to be friends with me or talk to me ever again. Never have any of our arguments last this long, or has she said that she never want to be friends again. This time I'm not really sure what I have done.


I have spoke to friends (who know her as well), and they say that they can't see what I've done wrong. Some of them even say considering what she has been like in the past that I should forget about her and move on. Easier said than done. I love, and really care about her. It's been amazingly painful having her like this with me, when she said she never wanted to be friends again I walked away with tears in my eyes. Even if I did try to move on, lots of my friends are also her friends, so it would mean I would have to keep away from lots of my friends to completely avoid her. Anyway what I am asking what you think I should do in this situation?


All help appreciated.

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i say give her the distance she's looking for, then she'll hopefully realize eventually how ridiculous she was being and initiate contact again. once that happens, don't make stupid comments like that. you should know by now whats going to set her off and it seems to me given your past arguments, saying that was dumb.

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