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As far as I know:


You can get an IUD inserted right after giving birth (up to 48 hours after) or after waiting 3-4 weeks (if you don't get it put in within the 48 hours after giving birth.)


The copper IUD is effective for 10 years. Mirena is effective for 5 years. They are more than 99% effective.


I've heard that they can hurt a bit to get put in (like really strong menstrual cramps), but after insertion you can't feel it. I don't have an IUD, but I know a few women that do (including one that had hers inserted within the 48 hours after childbirth--she said it was a breeze.)


I don't know about insurance--you'd have to call your company.


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From what I understand they put it in soon after childbirth, or may do so at your 4-6 week checkup post-birth.


If you get it after childbirth, it probably hurts less to go in as cervix will be partially dilated already. It was a bit painful to get mine in as they had to dilate cervix a bit...alright, it stung a lot, but I am sure after birth it will feel like nothing anyway


Just had some mild cramping (and felt a bit nauseous) right afterwards but I was able to go to gym that night and a run next morning.


No problems with it and have had it almost two years. Don't feel it.


They last varying lengths of time. My particular copper IUD (Flexi-T 300) lasts 5 years. Mine cost $70 but I know places like Planned Parenthood may pro-rate cost, and I know if I was insured at time it would of been covered as a prescription (it is a prescription).


It's not for women whom are not monogamous though; or have a risk of infections (yeast, STI) or prominent history of them.


Copper IUD is "more" effective than the Mirena according to FDA statistics I have seen (0.8% for copper one, more like 2% for the Mirena) but both are really very good. And no "user error" like with pill or something where you might miss a pill etcetera which helps it be more effective.

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