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very embarrassing but need some advice

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I started around age 11. I used to do it a lot and I think it's "normal" to do it as much as you like. Masturbating is a normal thing that many young people experiment with...everyone has different sexual needs so I would just do what feels right for you. Masturbating can not hurt you at all...it is a healthy way for a young girl to explore her sexuality. It is a lot safer choice to masturbate than to have sex to young. I am 29 and I still like to do it sometimes...even though I have a partner i still enjoy doing it once in a while.

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As long as you're not too rough and bruise yourself.... go for it as often as you like!


As long as its not 10 times a day and interferring with work or school, it's not a problem. Same as Anna, I have a man, but I still do it- it's also something you can enjoy as a couple- surprising but true! DON'T BE EMBARRASED!

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There is no right or wrong amount to do it, when ever you feel like it the more intouch with your body you are the better, you should know your body well, its better than having sex when you are young, it is safe and as said before healthy! explore and have fun

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yes, just be gentle with yourself, for the most part I agree with

the above posters.. However, dont get addicted or anything lol,if

that is possible which imguessing it probaly is. I like to sometime.

Not very often. Usually have my boyfriend take care of me.


One thing I wish I never figured out is how to massage the

clit area because now whenever my guy goes and trys to get

me going, it doesnt work because I like a certain amount

of pressure and it cant be too much or its overwhelming and

Ill have to push him away from it....I think if i never figured it

out, Id enjoy it more lol

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how often should a female masterbate?

is there any change of masterbating to much?

if so could it hurt the babycareage?

around what age should a female start masterbating?



im very shy at this but i need to know,

i know a lot of quetstion but help plz



No such thing as 2 much masturbating..


Perfect it now so u have something 2 do after u get married and your Hubs is asleep, oblivious 2 the fact that your clit is basically a penis, more or less and needs 2 be set off as well.


The baby carriage is designed to push human beings through so it would have to take a heck of alot to hurt that resilient thang!


Hope I helped, have a great day!

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