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What would u do if it was your daughter?


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Today, my 15yo daughter was assaulted (not sexually) by an off duty officer who thought she was the one who had bashed up his daughter earlier that day. She was there & saw it happen but it wasn't her - in fact it WAS her friend who stuck up for my daughter over some 'dirty' looks thrown her way. Anyway prior to assaulting my daughter this same man thought it was yet another young girl & grabbed her by the throat & threw her off her chair & pinned her to the floor also by the throat. This young girl has bruising around her throat. Note this previous young girl was not even in the vicinity of the fight. She was in fact sitting at the next table. Yes sadly these events took place in a very public eatery. When my daughter was being questioned over the original fight she mentioned the man chasing her around the eatery & grabbing her almost ripping her shirt off and the ON duty officer just brusher her comments aside. Should I take leagal action against the off duty officer? Would it be worth it? I should add here that it isn't the fact he grabbed her but it IS the principle - he is a police officer & is meant to protect not punish!


What to do! What to do!

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