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More girlfriend issues.


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Seems like Im having one every day.


For those that havent read my last thread, I messed up. I made a $5,000 contract on Sunday, and was very tense. I flipped on my girlfriend, totally uncalled for. She contemplated breaking up with me, but decided on a second chance.


Past few days, I've been a total sweetheart. I intend to stay so, since that was a close call and all. She's starting to talk to me. I had a spare today, and she left her class for a bit to hang out with me.


I've got a date with her tomorrow, and I told her on MSN tonight that she has every right not to go tomorrow, since i acted like a complete tool, etc. She said she wanted to go.


Then, out of nowhere, she just goes, "Im sorry, im being such a * * * * * ."


I told her that shes not, i understand, i deserve this, etc. We talked for a bit more and then i got off.



Anyways, it's really been bugging me about that comment. Ive got no idea what she meant by it. I generally am never bothered too much with girlfriend issues, not enough to let it affect my life, but Im always curious.

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