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Question about relationship


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Where I live the economy is not doing that great, and my boyfriend is having a hard time finding a job. I am in my last year (semester) of college. He said that if he can't find anything by the end of the summer he is going to move out west. I have talked to a guy who wants to bring investment where I live, and I could be working with the person. This would be tons of new jobs to the local economy, and give my boyfriend a job. However, the fellow is from a different country and woould have to immigrate to Canada. He is working on that right now. That is the # 1 thing before we can go any more into getting this company up and running.


Anyhow, my boyfriend said today that his dad suggested he move out west now and his dad would go with him for the time being to work too out there. My boyfriend said that I should consider going out there with him to by the end of the summer and he told his dad that he wants to build up his bank account more first. He said that I would probably need to save up quite a bit myself to move out there. I don't know what to do. I want this fellow who will bring investment to our city soon, so my boyfriend can stay here. I have a part-time job until I am done school but I don't know how I will save up a lot of money to go out west. Any suggestions? Thank you.

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Hey Peachy! Welcome to the forums!!


I don't know if I'll say anything of value, but even if I don't, stick around! Some one might say something that will make sense to you!!


I guess MY advice to you would be to do what you think makes the most sense. If you think this investment thing will work out, if you're convinced of it....... do what you have to do.


If you think its a good idea but are uncertain and you'd just rather move with your BF - that's gonna have to be your call as well.


I know that doesn't sound like advice after all, but I'm just trying to say that you should do what YOU think is best. I don't know that any one can answer that for you - even your bf.


Keep reading - someone's bound to offer something better.


And keep posting!



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I'd be a little leery of placing all of your eggs into the basket that the guy you're talking to about moving up there is holding. There aren't job opportunities there in the here-and-now, and that's what is important to look at. If the job opportunity were guaranteed, or even if the person in question were halfway done with getting set up, you might have reason to ask your boyfriend to stay and see how things go. But right now it sounds all very ephemeral, with no real solid plans.

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maybe let your bf go and get his opportunity fulfilled and you stay and get yours. work it out after. maybe it doesn't work out for him and his dad, maybe it doesn't work out for you and this investment. who knows right? then you can decide a huge life decision like that after.

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