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Update: I talked to him!

Blue Eyes 44

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Hey All,


I just wanted to post a quick update on what happened this past weekend. Refer to my last post for the whole story.


Basically I just told my bf that I wanted to talk to him about us and I did. I brought up everything that has been on my mind and it turned out really well - much better than I even thought it could. He was really receptive to what I had to say and he voiced his concerns, etc. as well.


Overall, the conversation was great. He told me not to worry about our relationship turning stagnant when he is in school, he never wants that to happen. On his own he asked me what my ideal age for marriage is (I told him 26-27 like I said in my last post) and he said that didn't scare him even though that is only 1.5-2.5 years from now. He also told me that he really appreciates how understanding I am about his return to school while I am completely done my schooling. Overall, I feel really good about our conversation and I feel a lot closer to him now. It is a really great feeling to know that we are on the same page about the future...I have no more doubts that he sees us married to each other in the not to distant future.


Thank you to everyone who posted advice for me, I appreciate it!

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Hi BE,


I'm glad you were able to talk about your relationship goals and find out that you are on the same page, felt comfortable sharing that, and now maybe you will fee more comfortable relaxing and giving him time to focus on finishing school, knowing that he feels the same as you.


I think you being supportive of his return to school while not pressuring him about marriage will reward you when he's finished, and feels ready to take that plunge.


Best of luck.

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