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I have a friend who I really like; I told her I like her..

She said that she's not ready to be in a relationship with anyone at the moment, but she did not severe our friendship.


In fact, we're more close to each other than we were before I told her I like her, and she pretty much implied, and was short of telling it to me that she's just (literally) not ready, and that I shouldn't take it as a rejection.


If I have to describe our friendship, I would have to say it's more like a "caring" friendship, than "friends with benefits"

She knows I still like her, and she's okay with it.


With that being said, Valentines Day is coming up and I want to give her something to let her know that I'm thinking of her but I don't want to make it look like I'm trying to force her to change her mind and date me...

Honestly, I'd rather be just her friend than to date her knowing the reason why she's dating me is because I forced her to.


She voluntarily told me what she wants for her bday (as a present), since her bday and valentines are just days apart.


I don't want to look like I'm cheap and give her one present for both occasions.


Any tips on what should I give her?

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what kind of flowers does she like? Don't go with roses (unless they're her favorite). Maybe some sunflowers or gerbera daisies. Include a note saying something like "Thanks for always being there. Your friendship means so much to me. Happy Valentine's Day". Comes off as sweet and thoughtful but not lovey.

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Hey,this girl is not your girlfriend and thereforeeee you should not buy her any gifts.If you have settled for friendship then a simple message or a drink in the evening is enough.If you have any hopes of something happening in the future then you have to ask her out on a date and act like a potential boyfriend.Usually when a girl says she's 'not ready' then that's a sign that you are a friend only.And if you act like her friend then that's all you're ever going to be.

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