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so, christmas is coming up soon. well, about a month, but i like planning ahead. any ways, so by that time me & my bf will be dating for almost 10 months, so i was wondering what kind of gifts to give him. im not good at all coming up with ideas for gifts, so im open to any ideas. however, nothing sexual, or any thing like that. i would like it to be special, maybe something i could make, or partly make. i mean, i have no problem with buying him something, but i think it would be more special if it came from my creativity-ness, if that makes any sense...

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Wow thats hard because we dont know your BF, i mean, what I like and what some other guy likes are going to be two different things.


most guys like gadgets, so if you can get him something cool, thats not that common. he will like that.


now if you want to make him something to show "the effort" i dont know what your capable of creating. I mean, if you knit him a sweater, you think he wil like that?


here is something i did once, i got a bunch of my sisters wedding photos and old videos, and edited them all together and made a video type slide show, it came out really good, i burnt it to VideoCD/DVD.


you could round up all your photos and write him a poem and do a similar thing, its tech, and it shows your effort, its also romantic.


Like I said, dont have any idea what your capable of. something like a weekend to a "bed and breakfast" your treat, may be just the ticket.

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thanks for all the ideas! i guess it would have been smart of me to have told you all about my bf, only i don't really know where to start with that, or what would be helpful to know. i really appreciated all the ideas you all gave! if it would be helpful to know a certain thing about him, just ask.

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Well, not as the main gift I guess, but one thing I did a ways back was make a bunch of "coupons" I put in a card, "redeemable" for different things, everything from a full body massage to an action/guy movie night, some romantic, some sexy, some funny - he got a kick out of it (and didn't waste time redeeming them, either

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