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Any of you guys in the same situation?


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Right now I feel like seriously. Theres this chick I was dating from october/november then we stopped talking. We started talking again last week. Started when I got a text message from her asking how I was doing. Responded back to her then the next day we go on a date and she invites me to her concert last sunday. This date happened on friday and I didn't get a call from her on friday or saturday. It just shows me how she's not as interested as she was before. She is one busy lady that's why I don't attempt to text/call her and usually wait for her. Her friend told me she likes me alot but I doubt it. Seems like I'm thinking about her more than myself over. Been sad since the day I saw her and she's the only one that makes me happy right now since me and my friends been doing the same stuff over and over which is crashing to someone's house or eat out which is getting boring to me now. Her friend told me that she wants to hang out next week and I want to but I don't think I should continue on with her because it seriously is hurting me when I don't hear a word from her.

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I agree with the above poster, maybe she feels exactly the same way you do like 'I really like this guy but why isn't he calling or texting me so we can hang out' you say she makes you happy so don't let her slip away. She doesn't always want to be the initiater (it gets old after a while) good luck and hope everything works out.

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Sounds to me like you are way too clingy. No woman likes to feel that the guy's happiness depends on her, which is way too much pressure and a huge turnoff.


What is this doing in the Infidelity section anyway?


She hasn't called you in a couple of days and you are hurt? Come on, you need to toughen up.

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