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Takes forever to get an erection now...


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Yesterday i posted about using a desensitizing condom, which left me almost unable to perform, as I couldn't feel anything. I tried later that night after my girlfriend left for a half hour by myself to get an erection, and I could get one, but only temporarily. The desire seems to be gone now, for some reason.


At work today I tried to will myself through thought to get one and eventually I did.


Tonight, I watched pornography (which I don't really do) to see if that would jumpstart anything, and it did, after quite a while. I could get an erection, then it would go limp after a minute or so, then I could get an erection again, and go limp again. Then I finally was able to come.


What the heck is my problem? Just yesterday morning I could get one just by laying next to my girlfriend or getting a sexy look from her - I was in boner city! Should I leave it alone for a day or two, in case I had a reaction to the desensitizer and it's still running its course?

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Yeah, that could definitely be playing a factor in it. I would think that the numbness would've worn off by now, but who knows since everyone is different. Maybe you are thinking about it too much though, it is stressing you out and its hard to maintain an erection. Dont think about it so much and when the moment comes you'll get one.

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You're probably right. Thanks. I've actually found myself poking it, playing with it in the car to and from work without even realizing it. No, I wasn't doing it AT work and I do tend to worry a LOT about stuff like this. Last night I was pinching the tip as hard as I could and I couldn't feel a thing. That normally would have me cursing in pain. I have had reactions to other types of condoms as well, so I tossed the box I bought and just got regular ones.


I'm just going to try to put it out of my mind for a couple of days and not touch myself until after that. I won't see my girlfriend until Friday, so I won't try to force it, and let the desire build. She's being very understanding about it too - she always asks me if I'm doing ok. I saw her briefly this evening and I was so happy to see her, but it kicked my butt to not want to jump her like I always feel like doing.

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oh yes, please stop pinching and poking at it! especially at work, no one needs to see that!


i think partially you are just poking at it too much, and second, you're not going to get aroused if you are stressed and trying to 'force' it, and then stressed that it is not working. like when you saw your gf a few mornings ago, you were happy, relaxed, and it came naturally. i think if you can just get back to that happy relaxed feeling, you'll be fine. and good you tossed the box!

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