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Could it still be?? Strange occurances...


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My girlfriend and I are usually careful about sexual activities as to not get her pregnant. However, about 2-2 1/2 months ago we had sex and we for some reason did not use a condom. I was only inside of her for a very little bit then pulled out and we engaged in other activities until I came. We have done this before and I admit it's dumb to do, but all the other times we've been fortunate and not gotten pregnant.


This past time however, I felt very wary of her being pregnant for some reason. I couldn't quite put a finger on it as to why I felt this way THIS time and none of the others. Later that month she had her normal period and all seemed fine. About a week later, I happened to be in the bathroom with her when she was using the toilet and when she stood up there was blood on her underware. I was of course very worried about this, but I was re-assured that it was from her BC that she had started taking again at the end of her last period.


Another month went by and she didn't bleed anymore, and she had another normal period. It ended and things seemed to be all ok once again...but then something happned today that made me scared about it once more. - Last night, she was fine. We talked on the phone and had our normal conversations and stuff, and she went to bed. at 4:30am she woke up in extreme pain under her breasts (not discomfort, but pain). Her mom took her to the emergency room and had her checked out at around 6am.


While she was getting x-rays, she got sick and threw up. The doctor told her that it's either pnemonia or broncitus*. She received two shots and an anti-biotic and was sent home. She was told that if she still felt sick in a week, to come back in because the x-rays don't show broncitus for a few weeks.


As soon as she told me this I instantly got worried again that she might be pregnant for some reason. She's had no other symptoms that I know of, and all was ok until this morning. I don't know if I should worry or not, because she has a history of being anemic. Her aunt (who she lives with) also has anemia, and just got over a case of pnemonia herself.


I won't be home until Friday, so until then you guys are all I got...any suggestions?

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i know it was dumb and i know what i should have done and i know how dangerous it all way...i know that already.


what i'm really asking here is for some input from people who have been pregnant or sometihng or anyone who might know if i should worry or not.


as for a test...like i said, i won't be home until friday...

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You said you were "wary that she was pregnant". You are saying that you got this "sixth sense" or something.


Women may be able to tell that they are pregnant. You can't.


i have heard that. i knew i a girl who "just knew" she was pregnant, and sure enough, she was. i don't know why, it's just this whole time i've been nervous...even have 2 periods

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Well, a girl can definitely have a period while pregnant so that isn't anything abnormal but she needs to go out and get a test ASAP. whether you are there or not, she is part of this as well and can out at any point and get a test. Or does she not suspect she is pregnant?


The "pains" she was having could very well be what the doctors said.

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She has told me from the very beginning that she does not believe she is pregnant. everytime i get worried about it or bring up my concerns she always says something like, "ooh.. come on. I'M NOT PREGNANT!".


as for her sudden illness. i talked to her tonight and she said that it's not really her boobs that hurt, just the area under them, around her ribs and lower chest area.

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