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I'm not unreasonable am I?


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Hiya, I haven't been here in a while... and seemed to have forgotten my account name... so I made a new one


Now, my issue. I have been wanting to see a movie for a while, and 2 weekish ago I was talking to one of my ladi-friends, and we ended decided to go see it the following week. Now some stuff came up on her side, and well finally last week I was talking to her, and we decided Saturday for sure to go.. this got changed to Sunday due to a conflict on her side...


Saturday comes along, and I was at a friends house (all three of us know each other pretty well), working on some hardware for class... and things were going really poorly. It was due Monday, and it was evident that we would HAVE to meet up on Sunday... which due to previous commitments would have to be during the time I was supposed to see the movie. I was rather against this, as I didn't wan't to move the time again. My friend was not too happy with this, and we rang her up on his cell... the convo went up pretty much like:


H Hey what's up.

S Oh nm, Back from work.

H btw are you still goin to the movie on Sun.

S: - Yeah, prob.

H: - We are gettin killed of this project, would you mind goin the day after so that somewhere02 can make it here tomorrow.

S: Oh I already saw it yesterday so I don't care if its moved, I'll just have to talk to somewhere02.

H: - Oh no no, I mean he's here already thats why we are calling... but oh ok cool.


The next day I get a message from her on MSN that pretty much went: "Ooops bad news I may have accidentally saw the movie" ... I thought that was by far the worst excuse I have heard in my life.. one does not "accidentally" go watch a movie.


I don't know, but I am a bit PO'ed at her. I mean, I've been dying to see the movie, she wanted to see itas well. I skipped seeing it before, as she insisted I go see it with her... I called her a a few days ahead of time so that its not last minute.... she postpones due to some conflict anyway, and then watches it .... ](*,)


I'm not being completely unreasonable for being a tad bit peeved at her am I?

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there are friends i depend on, and others i don't. what is so sweet about these friends is that you feel no guilt in un-rsvping to them at the last minute. when i make plans with them, and they break them, i've always got a backup or i plan something with them that really doesn't matter. i still love them, but i accept their faults. now, from my best friends, this would never happen.

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