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How do I get him out of my head?


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I've posted about this before. There's this guy that I use to really like. I actually liked him a few different times over the course of a few years. We were friends though and always taken by others and nothing ever happened. What resparked my interest was when he started contacting me again over the internet the middle of last month. His manner was different now, he seemed flirtatious(he had never been like this in person) and way very playful. He showed a lot of interest in talking to me on the webcam, to show me what he looked like now, though I didn't have one. He would make jokes about us being a couple, made up a stupid nickname to mess with me, we would have playful arguments and discuss things like movies, books, games. It almost seemed like he was trying hint that he had liked me at one point(several hints), but he never came out and said it.


I intially was unsure of how to respond, I mean I hadn't spoken to him or seen him in many months, though eventually I started to play along. Well, he continues to contact me, though often there are several days in between. I have found myself completely taken with him though. I think about him every day, just wondering if he'll log on again or if we'll talk. It seems like every single time that I start to doubt, usually after 4 or so days of not hearing from him, he logs on and continues right where he left off and all my thoughts are re-affirmed. However, this is driving me crazy, waiting and wondering when he'll log back on. I just feel like something will happen eventually, if we continue talking, though I don't know what. Any tips for how I can get him out of my head?

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I haven't seen him in person in over 5 months. When we did see each other though(everyday for over 3 years -- worked together), he was very mildly flirtatious, but we were both seeing other people, I was engaged in fact(that ended). He was always playful with me, often came out of his way to come talk to me, but nothing more. In fact, the day that I broke up with my fiancee, I became upset at work and went home. He asked me if I was ok before I left and sent me a message on myspace later asking how I was. It surprised me.


What is driving me so crazy is that I'm thinking about him every day now, but he only logs on and we have these conversations every 4-5 days. So the rest of the time I'm sitting here waiting and wondering. After 5 days or so of him not logging on, I begin to have doubts and feel silly for feeling this way, but then he'll log on, rekindle my interest and go away again for another 4-5 days. I think that I have given sufficient evidence of my interest, I leave him playful messages on myspace, comment on his pictures(good things), always act happy to hear from him. I, same as him I guess, am unable to come out and say it, though I feel that I may very soon just out of sheer frustration with the situation. I just want something to happen!

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