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Do you think it's possible?


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For a guy and his friend to sit at home all day and play video games???


I left for work today at 11am. My boyfriend only had one class today (and the day off from work too) and was home by 10:30.


He left for his friends house at the same time I did; 11. It's now 4pm ... I just texted him & he's still there. He says that they are playing playstation ...


To me that's absurd ... is this just a guy thing?


GUYS: Could you seriously sit there and play playsation that long?


Or could he be lying about what he is doing. . .NO I don't think he is cheating.

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5 hours? Do yourself a favor and go watch the South Park episode about Warcraft. 5 hours is nothing. People lose their lives to video games. I'm talking 48 hours straight kind of stuff.


If your BF is playing video games then you don't have to worry that he's cheating. In this very rare case, you would actually be overjoyed to found out that he was cheating rather then completely destroying his life playing video games. At least that way you'd confirm that you're together with a vibrant, functioning individual.

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I find that absurd.



Thank you! So do I... I detest video game systems. What a pointless waste of time. I know many people (gamers) live for this sort of thing, and that is fine, but I just can't wrap my mind around it.


To be fair I have my own obsessions, too. Of course, I get to be outside interacting with other people and stay in shape while I do it. Can't say that for pushing a bunch of buttons while staring at a screen. *yawn*

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Some games are major time sinks. I love the games called RPGs and I can easily sink hours into them. I get caught up in the story and in the exploring and battles that often the only thing getting me off them on a day with nothing to do is my eyes getting tired!


My bf and his friends can get video game parties going that last all day (and I join in too, and kick butt as well

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Barbie, sounds like he is just getting some gaming out of his system since you`re not around and he was at his friend's house. You can easily play a few "seasons" on sports games and sink a few hours there.


Its competition and male bonding too. I`m amazed that members of the female species can talk for 5 hours

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Yeah that's pretty normal for guys/gals who like gaming. My bf is over just now and I think he has been playing for about 6 hours. It doesn't bother me because he is chatting away to me while he is doing it; I have been surfing the net and catching up on pen-pal letters. I have played for a few hours straight myself, I don't know what it is about games, they can just get addictive sometimes!


Your bf sounds like a normal guy to me

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Sometimes games just do that to people hun, they get into gaming mode and are in it for hours on end. Hard to understand if you aren't a gamer.


On another note, I have seen the topic of games addiction on quite a few threads over the last few months. And I will say that it's nice your bf keeps his gaming for when you aren't around or when you are busy. It means the other time is quality time with you Nice bf you got there x

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