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Collection of Care: Poems from my heart to yours


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Caged and alone you sit


Little birdy--all alone.


You long for a taste of freedom,


You long to fly and soar, but not only are you caged,


Your wings are broken, and your feathers are torn.


Lying helplessly you cannot imagine anything better,


Your pain so vivid you could paint it in a


million shades of gray,


You hope that there will be a day when the


door to the cage will open.


(yet)You cannot believe in hope, but maybe...


One day a pair of gentle hands will open up


your cage and lift you out so tenderly,


Maybe one day you'll be healed and set free.


So sing little birdy, sing. Let hope sink in.


Prepare your heart to fly again --today is not the end


--just a new beginning.


So sing little birdy, sing. The cage will be opened,


Your spirit embraced.


Your painting of pain, erased. So sing little birdy, sing...





Copyright ©2003 Rebecca ********* ****



Little Lies Told Long Ago 5/11/2003

Little lies told long ago,

Haunt you now and won't let go,


Told you were wrong, a fool, a shame,


Now when something goes wrong you take the blame,


You know the way you're supposed to be,


but what your mind knows your heart cannot see,


bound into a life of pain,


you struggle to free yourself--in vain?


someday, somewhere an end to the pain will come,


you pray to your father, your Lord above,


Lord, please let this cup pass from me,


Give me hope, joy, love and peace,


Let these little lies told long ago,


haunt me no longer and let me go.


Set me free from my pain,


Don't let my struggles be in vain.


Give me hope and strength-


To live again.










Searching 7/5/2003

The sun sets and rises and you're still sitting there looking out the window

Sitting silently in your isolation,


Your pain and loneliness are nearly suffocating you…


Searching for something to end the pain,


You look out the window again,


The only comfort you have right now,


Is the slight breeze kissing your cheeks,


You know the cure for the pain comes


In inviting God in…but how?


Broken heart barricaded,


Afraid to let anyone in,


Memories of the past haunt the dark corners


And emptiness fills the rest…


You feel so alone


You pray down on your knees…


Lord, rain upon this dry dry heart,


Let your love soak in like a spring rain


Lord, Give me the strength to face a new day…


Help me live for today…


Lord, please chase away the pain.



NOTE: this has been copy righted

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Hey Rebecca!


I'm Happy First up, I'd like to welcome you to enotalone on behalf of everyone. I'm sure u've taken a nice step towards finding support and advice from many people of various ages from around the world which will be around for a while.


I like ur poems, they're kool. Well, they're not my favourite types that's for sure coz it's all about pain and sorrow and one of the main reasons I'd like them is becoz yet, after so much, you still emphasize on the fact that there's still hope, wether that be ur attitude towards life, or just believing in the allmighty god.


Good luck with your poem writing, perhpas I might hear from you again soon sometime...

Happy Heb

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Sometimes I get intuitions about individuals. Sometimes I perceive pain masked by actions, or sense loneliness in their eyes. Sometimes I feel that a person needs a friend, and I am willing to be one--to be a friend. I am here to be a tool in the hands' of my Lord.



...but I need to learn to dance as though no one is watching.


I need not worry about what others think of my actions, or what they may perceive my motives to be. I need to learn to be less self-conscious about these things. I need to know that what others think of me has little to do with necessity and real human needs. How much more I could be used if only...if only I would learn to dance as though no one is watching.

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