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Telling a woman how many partners were you with

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Have any of you tried to impress a woman by telling them how many partners were you with? At first, I believed my boyfriend. He told me. It was hard to believe. Then, later. Told me he hadn't had any partners. Don't know what to believe. Should I go with the first part? Or, believe him that everything wasn't true.


First, he told me 7. Then he told me 3-4. Then nothing. Now, it's "whatever".


I'm confused.


Sorry, but it's something that has been bugging me for months! Seen a doctor for any diseases.


Earlier, in the forum talked about men who got around a lot. They said he sounds like one of them.


Worried about our future together. Move on and start a new life. Tired of being jealous of his past. Wish I wasn't like that. It's stress-ful. Don't need it.


*are guys really trying to "impress" us woman by telling lies?


He is my first boyfriend. Could he have been lying to impress???



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i guess he could have said all that just to impress you, but i seriously don't see how thats impressive. i mean, i don't care how many girls a guy has been with. in fact if a guy told me that he had 7 partners, i would be any thing but impressed. i think, if you haven't already, you should talk to him & ask him seriously & make him realize how serious you are. tell him that you are confused about it because he kept changing the number.

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I agree with enadevoli in that most girls are not impressed by the amount of partners a man has had, if anything, its a turn off.


after all, if a young man, has had 7 partners, what message does that send about his commitment to women.


I may have had that many in my life, but im 41. some guys I have known do that many in a couple months. but they usually dont brag about it to the women they date.


I would say that, at first when he was getting to know you, He mentioned all these gals, because he was just thinking of you at that time as a possible score for sex, and just looking to boast, to impress you.


but as things got serious, he started backing down from this "past" because he saw its something your not really digging.


In anycase, it doesnt say whether he did have them or not, he may have been a virgin, or had 5 times that amount,


You main concern here is not so much his real past, but his inconsistancy and his act of not being truthful. thats the scary part.


I dont care if the woman I am interested in is a virgin or has had 12 men in her past, thats in the past, as long as she is truthful to me.


whats important is who she is to me now and in the future. but if she is not honest to me then that is a warning sign.


Bythe way, I dont even ask about a womans past, it usually come out because of her wanting to tell.

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Iv'e been with ZERO women, so what does that make me look like to women. what i mean is i never went all the way, as many of you know, b/c five posted it before (many) times...so if i tell e girl i never had sex yet, and she is around the same age as me 20ish what kind of message is that sending...? if i come out and say it, what does that sound like....??? desperate...maybe or does it sounds more innocent

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many woman find that attractive, being innocent, etc. plus they wont think your a player.


just because some guy has had sex a couple times before, doesnt make him a good lover, heck sometimes it dont matter if you have had sex a 1000 times, some guys never get good at it. im sure there are some women here that can back me up on that.


i wouldnt put so much importance on this experience thing, its hardly what women really care about, as a guy you mat think your role is to know it all etc. but its not that big a deal.


You can be a decent lover even if you never had experience before.


anyway one thing you will learn about being a good lover is that no two women are the same, so it dont matter what I know, I have to start from scratch when im with a new woman. because Its my job to learn what SHE likes. so it dont matter that much what worked with someone else.

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i don't think there is any thing wrong with being a virgin. i would definatly pick a virgin over a guy who has been with 7 different people. in my opinion, sex is something that should be shared with someone you really care about & love & you are with for awhile. i don't think sex would be that important to the 20 year guy who has been with many other people rather than the 20 year old guy who is a virgin. thats just my opinion, but i would rather have sex with someone who found sex to be just as special as i do. it all depends on age too. like i can see an older guy having more partners only because he is older & has lived longer.


last year, there was this one guy who liked me & i liked him. he's a year younger than me, so he was 16 at the time. well, he seriously had been with so many people. like seriously, every girl he could get, he would sleep with. well, we were talking one day, we both knew that we liked each other, & he asked me if i was wanting a physical relationship & i said i wasn't ready for sex, so he said that we shouldn't be together just because i didn't want sex right away in the relationship. it was so disguisting to me though, that he had been with all those other girls, i don't even think i would have wanted to have sex with him at all. who knows what kind of diseases he could be carrying.

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Yes, guys can lie about things like that. For a number of reasons..they might want 2 sound more experienced..that's what we think they like at the time..but as they progress, they realise that she's not making any moves at all and perhpas she's thinkin we should make some moves since we're so experienced and all and that's when the truth comes out. Or it maybe just a jealousy thing.


Never the less, if you love him then does it really matter?


Happy Heb

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It always baffles me as to why some guys would think that by telling a girl how many people he'd slept with it would make him appear somehow more attractive.-it wouldnt me! but i cant speak for everyone.


I agree with gilgamesh on this,i think at the beginning maybe he didnt think it would end up that serious between you two and now he wants to make himself look better to you,as he realises more of what you find attractive and what you dont.Just ask him to be honest with you,im sure you'd rather know the truth and it will be easier for him to tell the truth rather than having to 'keep his story going'.


Good luck.


P.s s4il,i think u being a virgin is absolutely gorgeous and much more attracive than some man wh*re!! id have to pounce! good on you s4il

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