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Lack of will power


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Ok so recently I have been eating a lot, I have 3 days off college and work a week and on those days I mainly just sit there on my pc.


Im doing ICT at college so I pretty much just make games all day. But back to the eating a lot, I cant seem to stop, I go downstairs for little snacks and it just adds up.


I used to have a fairly big build and play rugby and such but after leaving compulsory education I dont do much exercise, I try my hardest to make myself go on runs but I cant seem to force myself just to get up and go. I only go once a week if I do.


But the worst thing is that Im starting to get really chubby, I know I have a fair bit of muscle underneath it but I just look in the mirror and hate what I look like.


How can I force myself to start losing weight? I want to lose some before I go to Download festival 2008 in June because it will be nice to meet some girls down there but I just dont have the confidence.

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Get a friend to be your workout partner. Working out with other people makes going for a run an obligation not only to me but to my friend as well. It's a lot harder to cancel when you're letting someone else down.


As for food... well, try just cutting one thing out. My roommate once cut out sweets from her diet and lost twelve pounds with no additional working out. You say you snack a lot? Try removing snack foods from your diet. When you want to snack, chew some gum or something so you still feel like you're eating something. Also, it really helps if you don't have any of the food you are trying to avoid in your house, which may or may not be possible depending on if you live with others or not.

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I agree, get a workout partner. Figure out what you want to improve, work on a routine, and stick to it. As for the snack foods you are eating, stop. Find some more healthy alternatives. Check out link removed, they have a lot of useful information. If you're finding it hard to go out a run by yourself, and if you have an ipod, grab a nike+ kit. I have one and it's very useful.

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