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not sure what i should do


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ok, i am 24 years old. when i was 15, i met this guy that i absolutely fell head over heels for. for the past 9 years we have had this on again off again relationship, but it was never anything bad. we would never fight, we never actually even broke up. we would just lose contact with each other after a while, one of us would move, and he served some jail time. so there were a few things that brought us apart, but we never separated on a bad note.


As of november, i ended up getting back in contact with him again. it had been about 4 years since i had seen him. i now just turned 24 and he is 23. i wasn't surprised to hear that he had a girlfriend, but surprised to find out that she was 15!!!! i almost fell on the floor when i heard that. but its his business so he could deal with it.


there ended up being some issues (which i knew were coming) and the police were involved and the truth came out about everyones ages and that was put to an end. so we started hanging out everyday all day. but technically, he was still dating this 15 year old kid. everything was exactly the same as if we were dating, only he didn't tell me that he loved me back when i told him i love him.


now its been almost 3 months now, and i have to deal with him text messaging her all the time and taking her phone calls, which i will give him the benefit of the doubt, he does give me the respect of walking away to talk to her so he doesn't rub it in my face.


a few weeks ago he had me move in with him, and he would leave me laying in his bed crying at 3 in the morning to go and be with her before she went to school. and no matter how mad i got and how frustrated i was and how used i felt i couldn't leave. i just couldn't do it.


so now i have to deal with the 3 am school runs.


on top of that, i came home from work last week and he had a girl at his house playing video games with him, and she was staying at his house that night because she had no place to go. imagine my surprise to walk in the bedroom and see him sitting there with anohter girl. i was mad, but left it at that.


the next morning i woke up and she was already gone. so i got ready and told him i was leaving to go tanning and i would be back later. i went and picked my friend up and went to the tanning salon only to realize that i forgot my tanning supplies. so i went back home to pick up my stuff, and he was curled up in bed, in my 300 dollar comforter with a totally different girl i never even met before. i went psycho. i started grabbing things left and right and packed everything to leave. ended up bawling my eyes out, got in both of there faces, through a few things around and left.


so i got everything in my car and went tanning. while i was tanning i remembered a few things that i had forgotten and went back afterwards to pick them up. when i went back, not only was this other girl there but the little girl was there too. i was absolutely livid.


i spent a night away and ended up going back. (stupid) so this morning i woke up and went to go get my taxes done. i didnt think anything of it because we weren't fighting, everything was fine, and he was still sleeping so i just left. i went and had my taxes done, and returned home only to find the little girl there, again!!


now, i understand how wrong all of this is. apparently he doesn't see it, but he is a very stubborn person and regardless of how many times I tell him how wrong that is, he's gonna do his own thing anyways.


so i guess my question is, am i over-reacting? i mean, technically we aren't really even together, so do i have a rite to get mad about these other girls? its been 9 years now and i still can NOT forget about him. i spent 4 years with someone just recently only to catch myself thinking of the wrong guy. i felt terrible trying to have a relationship with someone while thinking of someone else.


he gets so mad at me and tells me im corny and that she acts more mature than i do because im flipping out. but she's not the one thats here to experience what really goes on. and no matter how hard i try, i can not stop loving him and i just give back in within hours any ways.


i haven't the slightest idea what to do because i can't leave him. i checked myself into the hospital a few weeks ago because i really felt suicidal. and i'm on anti depressant medication that the dosage has been upped 6 times. i'm really fighting a losing battle i guess that i'm absolutely disgusted with and i can't leave it alone.


somebody PLEASE help me. tell me something that makes sense........

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Something that makes sense is that everything you have said should be making you run for the hills.


Why on earth would you be involved with someone like this?


He doesn't care about you at all.



He sounds and acts like a wanna-be hood that is nothing but a two bit loser.

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Why are you putting yourself through this? i mean its very obvious that this guy has a "thing" for little girls... Which i don't think a 23 year old guy should have.


I think you know you deserve better than this, and i think you just don't know how to let go.


He does sound like a loser... i think he is also kinda using you in a way...



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Run far away. Right now. He doesn't give a crap about you obviously. If he did he would end it with these other girls.


A FIFTEEN YEAR OLD GIRL. Think about this long and hard. The guy you 'Love' so much is with a fifteen year old girl. This is wrong and against the law.


You need to get out of there and get your own life.

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Sometimes I gotta pinch myself when I read these posts to make sure i'm awake on my computer. This dude is a criminal. There are alot of bad-asses out there that don't have criminal records and pedophiliac tendancies if you like that 'type'... all i can say is wake up and smell the coffee. good luck †



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This man does not have your best interests at heart. He's been in trouble with the law for sleeping with a 15 year old and he's still doing it. He's using you and messing with all kinds of other women.


You are not over-reacting. What I can't figure out is why you haven't run for the hills long before now. I think you know deep down what a jerk he is and for some reason are living in denial because of old feelings for him- pay attention to his actions NOW- that's who he is.


Get away from this guy ASAP and don't look back.

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