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something or nothing


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So I see this guy in passing the first time I saw him we just looked at each other no smile because I was just startled by his smile and charm. I guess he saw me staring and he just stared back and I’d like to think that just as I passed he smiled a lil and put his head down.

the second time I saw him he was walking out with someone from his class talking and he saw me standing in the hall he had the same wide eye look only not as bad…I just looked uninterested looking to him and the other people in the class…however as he got closer I wanted to smile and catch his eye I was just too shy and just when I was going to smile at him and he passes me he puts his head down and puts it back up once past me…I don’t think I am hideous but why oh why couldn’t he just look at me? Or smile? do i have to smile first? I haven’t said a single thing to make him not want anything to do with me…should I just 4get him?

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he sounds shy ive been that way before.

just do the guy a favour and talk to him.

if he has sweet shoes, i think you should compliment them.

doods with sweet shoes love that sort of thing.

if he has anything else that might stand out a bit, compliment that.

maybe you guys can get lunch?

i dunno a guy that doesnt want a mystery-girl's attention.

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