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Cant keep a relationship for more than a week.

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OK, to start off im 19 boy and bi, and have been single for basically 2 years.

I started dating my ex when i was 16 and it lasted for 2 and half years until i left her for a guy that had been trying to date me for a year, all together me and him lasted a grand total of 3 weeks maybe. Until i realized i really loved her and tried to get her back, it didnt work. So since then for the past two years i havent been abled to get a relationship to last for more than a week, and there has only been 2 times that ive had a relationship since.


Before me and her/him broke up, i had only slep with 5 people including both of them, after all is said and done now.. its around 30. So roughly 25 people in a year and a half. I feel like ive gone alittle crazy. Everyone after that has been an jerk or a one night stand. Ive even destoyed some peoples relationships, and marrages.. the age range is kinda extensive too. I really cant figure out why i cant keep a relationship, desire to sleep with all of these people, and ruin their relationships, sometimes even lives some people have told me. I just kinda need someones help.

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If you don't understand why you're doing these things - and you don't want to do them - then I think you might need to speak with a counselor. If you're wanting to be in relationships that are long-term, part of the problem might be sleeping with people early in - that can sometimes turn off people who are looking for long term relationships, even though it sounds hypocritical.

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WOW! I'm really sorry to hear this. It must be hard to be in your shoes. Do you regret sleeping with any of these people? It's not YOUR fault that these people who cheated with you ruined their own relationship. They had a choice to tell you "no, I don't want to sleep with you". You really shouldn't blame yourself for everyone else's relational problems.


I did pick something up from your thread that I wanted to share with you. I get the feeling that you don't know what you want (man or woman). While, I have no problem with "bi" people, I don't think a lot of women are into dating bisexual men, because of the high HIV rate amongst gays. thereforeeee, I bet it is hard for you to actually get into a relationship with women. Especially if you are very open about your orientation.


Do you think you know what you want in the long run? You should ask yourself if you want to be with men or women, because right now, I just don't think you really know what you want. Maybe being single for a while is a good thing right now. You really need to figure out what you want and STOP sleeping around with all of these people.

And if you're going to stay sexually active the way you've been, then are you using protection?

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You're going to have to accept that you won't be getting a proper relationship with your ex, you will only and ever be friends. Don't think of false hopes.


There is the key for a lasting relationship, do you know what that is? Well I'll tell you, it's 'friendship'. Without friendship how could you date someone and expecting it to last? It won't last, will absolutely not. But you got to meet the right person, to do that you have to think about where you live. Are integrating with the wrong crowd? Are the girls just want some fun and no commitment? I do think you need to be in the right area, it's more of a chance where as compare to the wrong area. Think about it.


Only have sex when you begin to feel something for a girl, otherwise it's just gonna be another one night strand or just a casual fling. Sex is all about connection, not cheap fun.

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