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having unpleasant dreams for everynight since november

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It began as my sleeping pattern changed.


I would go to bed late around 3~4 am and wake up in afternoon.


I've fixed that now because I have school.


but the general mood of my dreams are same. very vivid, violent, and carries a theme of urgency.


I've never had such lasting dreams so frequently.


anyone have any suggestions besides dealing with issues i maybe facing in life. like i know those are uncontrollable so i might as well drink some tea before i go to bed or listen to some music would this help ?


thank you very much.

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are you eating strange foods before you go to bed? watching scary movies? could be those things.


you could also be experiencing anxiety from starting school again. do you keep a dream diary? maybe write down your dreams and see if there is some pattern you can figure out.


yes, i think having a relaxing nightly pattern may help.

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I had nightmares around the same theme for a few months and talked to a counselor at my school about them. The same day I talked to her I went to bed and didn't have the nightmare for the first time in a long time. Since then (around six months) I've had the nightmare a few times, but not nearly as often as it was. It helped to just talk to someone about the nightmares and realize that there was a reason that I was having them, and that they were actually normal for someone in my situation.

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