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if she cant trust me can i trust her?

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I really need some advice.


I've recently found out that my girlfriend doesnt trust me. We've been dating for 6 months and I havent betrayed her at all. I havent lied, havent cheated, I've basically been up front with her. Yet, despite that, she still doesnt trust me. She says is because shes been hurt before by someone she loved entirely and that its because i'm bisexual. But I've been hurt before too, extremely hurt, but I still give her the benefit of the doubt. The first few months I didnt trust her completely..but now I do..or I did. But now that I found out that she doesnt trust me I'm not sure I can trust her back and this is kind of tearing me up inside because I just dont know if I should or can trust her because of this.


Any thoughts? advice? anything?

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I hear you, Dani. I think my last relationship failed due to a similar problem, so I sympathize. Your GF shouldn't punish you for the hurt that others caused her.


There are 2 choices you have: remove your trust of her and thereforeeee end the relationship. Or continue as you have been, showing her through your behavior that you trust her and wait to see if she comes around.


You can't do or say anything to change her mind - that's her decision to make. But it IS your choice to either wait for the day that decision happens, or seek out someone who can trust you.

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