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I've already got a bad case of the Mondays


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Hey guys


Just looking for some encouragement on this Sunday night ... I am dreading the onset of Monday more than usual this week and it's giving me a really sick feeling. I'm a student with a really heavy courseload and I'm having a hard time getting my motivation up which is usually not too hard for me to do.


Anyone feeling the same? How do you guys get over those REALLY bad cases of the Mondays?

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Just get it over and done with. I hate Mondays too because I hate my job. But if you can just get through it without thinking, oh god it's Monday, all day long it's better.


Maybe get some stuff organized tonight so that tomorrow doesn't seem so daunting? Or plan something that YOU want to do tomorrow too so that you have something to look forward too. Like maybe you have a favorite TV show to watch, or you can make time to read or workout. Put something good into the day.

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What I usually do is have EVERYTHING I need for Monday READY Sunday night. That way when I get up on MONDAY (yuk!) I know I don't have to worry...


I know what I'm going to bring to work for breakfast...have my lunch made.

I have what I'm going to wear picked out.

I know where my car keys are.

Everything I need is in my purse.

Everything I need for work is in my tote.


So, basically, I get up and take my shower and I'm good to go.


I try to start Monday's off with the least amount of stress as possible.


I read that wearing the color light blue is the LEAST stressful of all. Do not know if this is true or not, but, I try it sometimes, and I do think it help!





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