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58 seems pretty random, but i'll be busy when it hits 60 so ill just post anyway.


NC does actually work. I have felt myself getting better from the whole thing. I'm starting to feel like myself again. But that isn't my whole reason for posting right now. Over the past few days some strange stuff has been going on with my ex. I haven't replied to anything she has sent me in these 58 days. At first it was just random crap. Then i got a happy birthday message, wasn't anything special. I didn't say anything to her.


A few days ago she sends me a message on facebook, about me transfering to the college she is at. (No, i am not doing it for her. I'd rather be on the otherside of the country then near her at this point.)


Here is her message, with some stuff removed for privacy.


hey, i know we havent talked in a while, and im not even sure you want to talk to me, which is fine, sorry to bother you in that case. I was just hoping maybe we could.


wanted to see if you were excited about *******, its an awesome place i think youll love it, the people are really cool! Hope things have been good, from what i hear they have been. Just wanted to say hi



I'm not really looking for any meaning in it. I just don't want to talk That isn't all though. I looked at her away message on AIM and it said "love is irrational...the more you loved someone, the less sense anything made".


Now, i know i shouldn't be looking or even thinking about any of this stuff. She has a new boyfriend. I'm not a big fan of him, but iv never said anything about it. I don't think i would be posting something like that if i had a new girlfriend and i was happy with her.


I just find it interesting

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58 is random and random it should be!


It's really not about time... it's not like your counting down for a big trip to Disney World... although wouldn't that be awesome??? for every 30day of NC you get one day to some really awesome place of your choice?


Anyway - you are doing awesome! Soon it won't matter what day your on because you just won't care!



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