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Should I call, is this even legit?


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Complicated situation- I like this girl that I've known and been acquaintances with for two or so years. She's my ex-girlfriend/best friend's good friend. She's also one of my guy friend's ex. I'm aware of the dangers.


Anyway, she knows that I like her and said she would rather be friends because she is "trying to work out some issues after her relationship", and because she would have trouble with any conflicts with my ex girlfriend, whom is her friend.


Now, at this point it seems horrible. However, she has a history of being very... waffley if that makes sense. Meaning- she has done this to every guy she's gone out with, she never likes them at first, and then for whatever reason decides later that she actually does. This happened to my friend, who went out with her for 10 months.


We're completely comfortable talking, so I wanted to get her number. But this weekend, I was at a school activity and I got a call from her during it- she asked where I was because the "teacher wanted to know," mind you, the teacher has my number.


So my question is, is this legitimate enough for me to call her back just to talk? And if so, what sort of things should I talk about?



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