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new crush, need advice


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I went to this bar a few times, and noticed that i was very attracted to the bartender.


As you all are thinking, (she just wants my money, and she only flirts to get it).


Well i havnt tipped her a significant amount. Ive been keeping to myself, not too pushy. Light conversation when the time is right.


At the end of the night i had asked for her phone number, she smiled and said she doesnt give out her number to ppl at the bar and that we didnt know each other.


So i said why not dinner sometime?


She flirted back here and there and said well.. why dont you give me your number. And so i did. She went out of her way to tell me shed call me. But still no call.


Its only been a couple days since the last time i talked to her.


The second night i was there i had asked if she still had my number, she said ya its in my bag with a big smile. So i said "are you still planning on calling me?" she said ya defginately.


See the thing is, she seemed to have been interested. But i do feel like she will not call because of shyness.


What should i do?

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Why do you feel like the reason she isn't calling is shyness? She doesn't sound shy at all.


As far as what more you can do- nothing really. I think you have handled it well- she knows you'd like to take her out, and she has your number, so the ball is in her court. There could be any number of reasons as to why she hasn't called- maybe she's super busy, maybe she has a bf, etc.


One thing I wouldn't do is bring it up anymore- if you keep bugging her about it it's going to get awkward.

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bartenders are not shy. they would lose their job. i'd move on from this girl and don't get hung up on her. next time you go in there, just say 'hi' and order your drink. let her wonder why you aren't so into her anymore. she will call if she is interested. if not, nice try. trying is more than most guys can do.

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