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Im confused about him!!!!!

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Hey everyone..Well I am in Cadets, and I met this guy names Xavier..I hated him at First, becuase I thought him to be imature and all..But I deceided to play with his head..you know, flirt with him, play with his mind..Just to mess with him..then I started likeing him..And, One day I evenatually kissed him, and now Im totaly sure I like him, a lot. He's asked me out numerous of times, and I just wasnt sure..And now that I know I like him, hes not sure!!! tables have turned..Does he know I was palying with his head before I did like him for real?? is he doing what I did to him, to me?? Im soooo confused...Hes nice and everything, but there is just one problem..HES A PLAYER...He asked me out, in class at Cadets one day, this was before I kissed him..and I was like "When we kiss Ill know If I will go out with u" and he turned around and started touchimg my friends (as a joke) and flriting and stuff..I meen he just asked me out, and hes flirting with other girls and stuff...I dont know..I like him so much..but what if he cheats on me..I know he most likley wouldnt, and hes aloud to flirt with others girls becuase we wernt going out..But will he still go that if we WERE going out?? I seriously need advice on this..Hes a major player..and if any gurl was to throw them selves on him, he would gladly accept..But most guys would right? see how confusing this is..Im not sure if he likes me..or might be "liking" me to get in my pants...And I talked to him about it, and he said " NO!! Im not that type of guy!!! no where close to that" and he argued his way into my heart..I just worry about cheating, and stuff..Allthough hes sure he would never..WHAT DO I DO!!!!?!?????!?!?!?!

Plz, help me!!!



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Here's what I'd do. Tell him you don't want to go out just yet, but you and him can just "hang out" as friends for a while. Get to know him a little more than you do now. After a while, if you still like him, say you will go out with him. If he's still flirting w/ girls and stuff, don't go out anymore. If he's that immature to flirt with girls while he's with you, he's not ready to date yet. Hope that helped a little.

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