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how do you deal with the loneliness???

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Hello everyone...i have been reading thru the posts...my fiance lives in germany and i live in florida.we met in the dominican republic during vacation last year.since then he comes to visit me for about a week every month. we recently got engaged when i went to meet his parents back in november.the thing is that he has his bussiness based in germany, now trying to expand to the states and even though he comes here every month i feel like i dont want him to leave when he is here...i feel very lonely when he is not here...this is all new to me and its been very hard for me...he tells me that he is working on it so that he can move here but i know it will take sometime...i just want to know how you deal with this kind of thing...all my friends have their boyfriends or husbands and i just feel like i have no one during the times we go out because i am the only one in the group that is alone.i know i should be grateful that he can come here once a month, while some people cant do that.but i just miss him so bad i dont know what to do or how to cope with the feeling.I would really appreciate if anyone can give me some advise.thanks so much in advance...

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I'm trying to deal with a long distance relationship right now myself. My gf left for the Air Force and I've only been able to talk to her once since she left a month ago. This is all new to me. I've never been in a situation like this before. Some nights she'll just be on my mind constantly. I just want to know what she's doing and where she is. But lately it hasn't been so bad.


To keep my mind off of her, I do all sorts of things. I hang out with friends, workout, work, join organizations (to meet new friends), volunteer, play videogames, listen to music, clean, write letters to her, etc. Just anything I can do to stay active. You just have to realize that he loves you dearly and you two will be together again one day. It's tough, but you'll get through it.

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I am also in an LDR. They really do suck but take advantage of this alone time to make friends, discover hobbies, and let yourself grow on your own. That's probably the best thing about LDR's, they let you both become your own person.


Whenever I am feeling down, I always go out with friends or go to the mall to buy him something special. Little gifts and cards like that can occupy your time and make you feel closer to him.

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well, you have some lame friends then. When me and my bf were together over the summer. Me and my girl friends would pick a night once a week where we told our bf's to find something else to do, and we had a girl night. We'd do anything from watch movies, to go out to eat, to roller blading.


IMO, it's important for a healthy relationship that you have plenty of friend time and alone time.


If neither of your friends are up for this, ask a coworker out for some coffee. It's a great way to make friends and it'll take your mind off your bf for just that little bit of time.


I am probably better off than most LDR's because I am in college, so I have had the opportunity to meet a ton of people at my school. Even though I miss my bf a lot, I know that I wouldn't be branching out as much if he was nearby.

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