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how to know with out seeing? texture of clitoris?


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ok so i have fingered my girlfriend a couple times. this is the first time shes been fingered. by her self or anyone else. so needless to say she knows very little about masterbation/fingering. i have fingered a couple ppl before but the thing is she has absolutely the smallest clitoris ever! shes not comfortable with me taking her pants completely off and she doesnt know where it is either. so what im wondering is. what does the clitoris feel like? is it a little more bumpy or the texture of its different? haha anyhelp is appreciated

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shes 16. the tihng is she is quite self conscious. she has gotten alot better in the past months since weve been together. she always has had a body image issue tho. so i think it kinda crosses over in to the dating world as well. but no as with many other girls in high school she has nevr touched her self

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1. Actually, many girls in high school HAVE touched themselves.


2. She has a clit, maybe she should just try finding it on her own first...


3. All vaginas do NOT look the same.


I'm sure if you keep looking or just touch her, you'll notice a spot that makes her happy .

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WOW! this is so weird. The clit is there and some are small and some are large. A lot of the times it doesn't come out until it is stimulated. In oral sometimes you have to

"suck it out"/ If she doesn't want to pull her panties all the way down then she needs to cut it out because nothing won't get accomplished like that--at all. She needs to position herself where she can feel all the pleasure and that won't happen with pants on-she needs to spread them and you need to stop being scared. It is pink, sometimes red depends on the her skin complexion. It ususally hides under the top lips. YOu have to expose it as well maybe that can be her job to open it up so you can see it

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I would google vagina or pictures of clitoris. For inexperienced women, it is recommended for her to explore her vagina with a mirror. Silly as it sounds Sex Therapist do recommend this.


This procedure is given to women who are inexperienced and uncomfortable with their bodies.

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she says she feels nervous about touching herself. she would rather just me do it until she feels its ok for her to do it. i guess i can just wait for her to be more comfortable with me to take her clothes off completely. cause i have seen vaginas and i have looked up clitoris, glans clitoral, clitoral hood, vagina, vagina diagram pretty much everything i could think of for the topic. but for her there just is no bump at all and then its just her vangina. i cant feel the clitoris. and i think she is turned on because she is really really wet down there. like to the point where it seeps through her jeanns and its wet when i touch her in between her legs with her jeans on.

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