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Have a gf & met someone on-line I can't forget!


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Here is my circumstance. I have a gf that I have been with for the last 2 1/2 years. We had a 3 month break-up and during the interim I began conversing with someone on-line. I soon became quite attracted to this person I have never even formally met (though we have had a couple of phone conversations). Shortly thereafter, my gf and I got back together. My problem is simply this - I cannot get this person I met on-line out of my mind. I have found her to be very intelligent and quite interesting to chat with. We still email and chat throughout the day. Problem - my gf knows and suspects I have feelings stronger than simple friendship. This is new territory for me. I have never found myself attracted to someone I have never even met. Also, she lives quite far away, so our chances of meeting are extremely remote. Why can't I forget about this other person? Has anybody else experienced this? If so, what did you do?

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Well consider this, you haven't meet this person yet, but your attracted to her personality, Ok that is all gravy, nothing wrong with that, but you can't play both ends, your either a receiver, or a defender you do both your going to end up loosing, Both ways...


lets analyze the situation, shall we...


If you visit the on-line friend


A.) Your current G/F is going to know, and that could be a recipe for insecurity, think about it you haven't meet her in person my friend, she could be what j-boe said, but lets keep it on a optimistic level here.


B.) You stay with your G/F and loose contact with the On-line friend, Well you are giving up something, that being a Strong "Internet" friendship. but would she understand if you said something like this


"you are aware that i am dating someone, and she Knows about it, and isn't to thrilled at the idea of us talking, can we later commence our friendship we have already established on a later date, maybe if things don't work out with me and my girl, because i don't want to loose something important too me, and i hope you understand this, in retrospect you are still a friend to me and always will remain, I can't have my cake and eat it too, that would make me a parsimonious(desiring/Greedy) person, and I'm not like that."


C.) Altementally just stop talking to her.

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Hey! I don't really know how to help you. Though I did find your story interesting!


In my opinion she just seems like a friend. Seeing as how you met her when you and your g/f were on a break you know? Obviously you didn't want to pursue anything with "on-line girl" if you got back with your girlfriend.


But if you have some really strong feeling for someone you've never met. . . maybe you should let your g/f know.


Sorry if I made NO sense! LOL.


Good luck, make the right choice~

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