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Would watching your girlfriend put on makeup freak you out/turn you off?


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Don't know where to put this lol. I have eyelashes that are quite long and when I put on mascara they tend to look like fake lashes. This is not good when your boyfriend won't believe your lashes are indeed real lol. Well yesterday he kept asking me if they're real, and I said yess it's just mascara babe...

I don't know why it's so hard for him to be convinced the fact that his girlfriend was just born with eyelashes that are on the longer side?


I'm thinking of going to see him next time with no make up on, then tell him to watch me put on mascara. Would that be a good idea? Hehe I have no idea.


Girls do you get a little shy about putting on makeup in front of your boyfriend?

Guys, does watching your girlfriend put on makeup freak you out?

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Well Lol. I am a bit shy about going completely without any make up (like pressed powder and maybe some eye brow pencil) on.

I wouldn't be shy to put on mascara or any liner on though. I just put on liner the first time yesterday infront of him haha.

I don't see anything to be shy about at all really.

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Guys, does watching your girlfriend put on makeup freak you out?


Lol, I can't think of any reason why it would freak a guy out?! Speaking personally I have to say I find it kind of intruiging. Not in a 'ooh I want to try' kind of way, but like anything else I don't understand it's a learning experience. I love seeing the care and attention to detail, the little tips and tricks, the weird mouth shapes you make when putting on lipstick or applying eye liner (come on girls, you know you do! It fascinates me!


I say go for it, at worst it will bore him for 20 minutes, at best it will shut him up and he might learn a few new tricks for his New Years drag act! lol

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Good thing he doesn't think your boobs are fake. I can see him now looking for the scar.



LOL! fortunately that won't be happening to me as I have small boobs



This has never happened to me. Usually it's "you look different. Did you dye your hair?"

"Dye my hair? Ohh, right. I'm wearing make-up today." (and, cue the shy bit there)


Haha. My friends' boyfriends often notice when my friends do a little something extra makeup-wise (like bronzer). You'd be surprised at how "attention to details" some guys are lol.

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Mine is bored to death.

he doesn't like make up really.

And when applying it, i'm the craziest perfectionist you've ever seen.

So I guess he finds it boring.

If we're at the same room we talk about something completely different and he doesn't even care that I'm putting my make up on.

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I don't think he minds, but I do. I don't want him to know my "secrets". Like how I even out my eyebrows. He probably wouldn't know the difference if I did it or not, but if he saw me do it, he then would. It wouldn't be the end of the world, but it's one of those things I prefer to do alone.


Im sure he knows your eye lashes are real by now. He probably just likes the reaction he gets out of you when he tells you he thinks they're fake.

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I like when a girl puts on make up in front of me, it's kind of intimate. Like it reminds me of my first girlfriend when we lived together, putting on make-up in the morning. Think of the eric clapton song, "wonderful tonight"


"she puts on her make up and brushes her long blonde hair" You listen to that whole song and you just know that every single thing she does is beautiful to him. He loves every little detail. That's pretty much how I feel about it, so that's why I love watching a girlfriend put on make-up.

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