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ex sent me a message yesterday

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well me and my ex broke up like 2 months ago and havent really talked for the first month and the second month we wouldnt even utter a word to each other now yesterday i was online and my ex sent me a message saying shes sorry for everything and says she misses talking to me. she said she remembers when her father wasin the hospital before i was there for her to talk to and now hes in there again and since we dont talk she hasnt told me. she asked me if i missed talking to her. i said it was a 50 50 thing. i miss the old her because i feel that shes changed. then i told her i didnt like it how her and her best friends were talking stuff about me and she totally denies it. i told her how my friends dont like her and make fun of her and i told her even though we dont talk i still stick up for her. then she had to go because she had to wake up early to visit her father and i said bye and then she said she honestly does miss me alot and has been thinking about me alot lately i told her i wish i felt the same.


why did she come out of the blue and send me a message? it seemed like we were both happy not talking to each other she has found a new boyfriend and i have been having a fun time hanging out with my friends. the part that worries me the most is shes been thinking alot about me lately. i mean i wonder what that means. shes going out with this parrot at school. she meant alot to me and now i still got a little thing for her but i know im gonna lose it. should i try to keep talking to her? thanks in advance.

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Well Looking over what you said "she" said... to you.... it sounds like she does still have very strong feelings for you, now whether or not you have the same i don't know...because you didn't say, You also mentioned she has a new B/F who is a parrot..? is that correct. Ok whatever that is, I'm taking it as a joke, But really i believe when she started dating again, she was "attempting" to move on, and that only made it harder, It could be because this guy is being compared to "YOU" and he doesn't come close to, or what you are like as a person, making her miss that about you,



First things First


Your still in her mind, at a level that she probably would tell the parrot to fly the cage, and come back with you. So if you want her back again it's up to you, although you said she "changed" well people do that, and sometimes it can be bad/good, it goes both ways my friend...so if your ready to Give it another shot i say go for it, what do you have to loose...she obviously misses you to the degree of "finally" contacting you over a 2 month period, what that told me was that she Never really forgot about you.


Only 2 months that is not a very long time lapse.. I see it like this she tried to date again, it made it even more difficult, she listens to her heart, and her heart is with you..Just my opinion here by the way, but if i were you i wouldn't say things like "well i wish i felt the same" being Cold, or Rude will only make things harder on her, and you in the long run..you may not realize it now, but someday that could happen to you, So i say just be "Kosher" with her, you can't go wrong with the art of compromising. Good luck* keep us posted.

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like i said before i still kinda like her but we jus been thru so much that i dont know if i wanna give it an other chance. before she went out with the parrot she told me how when hes with her she thinkin and sees me. i honestly dont know what to do i dont know if it might be a trick only for me to tlak to her again or if she really means it.she was my first love and when i see her and the parrot together i hate it. does anyone know have any opinions on what i should do at school tomorrow or later tonight jus in case she sends me another message?

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i Don't think she is playing games, unless of course she is the type too, you know how 'manipulating" that can be, i myself hate it when a girl does that, just to "see" if a guy likes them, by saying things, and than everything stops, Drops, and backlashes in your face, yea meet a few like that myself, I just have to say Be cautious with what you say towards her, it can mean a lot, or it doesn't have to at all.


Your call here, i can't say "OK, DATE HER AGAIN" (or) "NO, SHE IS PLAYING GAMES" because i don't know her, but you did go into detail which really helps me understand what the current situation is. So i have to credit you on that.


(Back to the ranch)


I noticed you said.

she was my first love and when i see her and the parrot together i hate it.
Well that is telling me YOU do have feelings for her, and you can't stand to see them together. it happens to the best of us, your not Alone. Dealing with that sort of feeling will remain a difficult task, and a task is made to be overcome, by ones intuition to break free of old feelings that somehow always filter into that persons mind. that feeling-memory of you too together, sucks i know...!!!


In addition to all this "karma" if you continue this "chit chat" over messaging, Phone, or even in person you can further get a better understanding of what "SHE" really is thinking. especially if it's in person.

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