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Spider bite treatment

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What can i do to treat this spider bite I have? First, I noticed I had what appeared to be an ingrown hair, i got rid of that and noticed there was a bit of pus underneath. I squeezed that and later the next day, it eventually came back. Anyway, the bite is about halfway down my left forearm really close to one of my veins on my thumb-side. It has a light redness about an inch wide around the bite, and the bite itself looks a lot like a zit -- though it's not filled with as much pus as a zit.


Does anybody know any methods to extract the poison, reduce the redness, etc.?


Oh and I don't have the money to go to a doctor to check it out so that's out of the question.

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If it is a brown recluse bite, it won't heal on it's own. My daughter was bitten one summer on her knee. We thought it was a blemish or ingrown hair, but not matter what how we treated it, it wouldn't go away. This went on for three weeks and then I decided that her doc should look at it. She just had to take amoxicillin for the infection.


We were very surprised, although brown recluses are common around here.


Try soaking it a few times a day for 15 minutes in a seasalt water solution. There is thought that this treatment is better than antibiotic creams, etc. A container of seasalt can be purchased for about $1.


You didn't say when this happened, so if it's not any better in a few days after trying the soaking - then you really do need to get some kind of medical attention. If you can't afford it - do you have a free clinic or something like that in your area? There are a lot of pharmacies where (like walmart) where prescriptions like Amox are free of charge.

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