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Writing a letter about your feelings and then sending it....bad?


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Okay I rather talk to this girl and have some closure but she's been so busy and there's also the likely chance she just wants to avoid me altogether. Don't want to get into too much detail but I want to pour out my feelings on a letter and say my piece. Not looking for a miracle to win her back but just to release some things that have been building up inside.


Has anyone written a heart-felt message and either regretted it or was happy with the results?

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Writing a letter is always a good idea but sending it is usually bad. You won't get the closure you feel you want.


Closure is about finality. Contacting her and trying to show her your feelings is not finality, it's the opposite. It is trying to reopen things that were closed. It will lead to new issues rather than closing old ones.


Closure will need to come from within yourself. You will never get closure from an ex. Closure is admitting to yourself that it is over and that you still like yourself.

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Write it, but don't send it. If your relationship is over, then you need to accept that and leave it. Sending a letter like that can be a pathetic thing, it can be spiteful, it can be totally off base. You will get no closure by sending such a letter, in fact it could open old wounds for you and your ex.



You need to focus on moving forward with life, not looking back. Express your emotions, write them down, but keep them to yourself.

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i wrote a list before. it was to get an ex back. said everything i wanted to change about myself. most of the list was for me but in some aspects it included her. she took it, thought about it, and we got back together. it still didn't work out. but we have no bad blood. but i actually read the list to her in person.

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