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One night stand??? "With someone" "seeing someone" and "dating" someone......confused


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Ok so I met this girl 2 months ago from friends. We started getting close and hung out alone together without the rest of the people in our circle of friends. The rest of my friends have known her for like 2 years and i have known her for like 2 months.


We started out getting sushi together this one time and she seemed to be having a really good time. We would drink together. She said something like "im having a really good time.......(and then i would look at her like she was giving hints that she liked me) and then she would go "playing with my dog..." So we hung out for a whole week or so together and eventually she ended up sleeping in my bed half naked when she was drunk. We didn't do anything and just slept. A few nights later we kept doing are usual stuff. We do a lot of fun activities together. I was really having fun with her and her friend that she invited over. Eventually she asked me to sleep at her place and cuddle....


I ended up sleeping there and I started massaging her hand with my hand. Then she kept moving my hand all over her and we started kissing. I didnt have a condom and wasnt planning to have sex with her, so when she asked if i had one I said "no i gave it to my friend" and then we ended up doing a lot of "intimate activities." We did some kissing and she said something like "your my boy now" She found a condom in her room and tried to put it on me when I wasnt erect. I wasnt getting hard because the condom was on me the whole time still rolled up and she kept pushing it on there while I was soft. It sort of hurt. After a while the thing fell off and it hurt so I still wasnt getting erect. In a few minutes I did but she didnt have any other condoms so we ended up doing other stuff instead. She seemed to really enjoy it anyway and ended up cuddling with me for a little longer afterwards.


The next night she called me as soon as I got out of class and wanted me to come to her house and hang out with her at this bar. she never mentioned anything about the night before and either did I. we went to this bar that she was djing at. We hung out the whole time and she invited a couple of her friends. Later on she asked if I was going to sleep over again and I said "if you want me to" and she said "do you want to?" and I said "yes." Then she goes tomorrow afternoon we can get some food or something afterwards.


This time we ended up doing nothing but cuddling and sleeping (she was really drunk from the bar and I was kind of sober. plus she hadnt slept most of the night before since we were doing stuff.) She woke up during the afternoon with me with a headache and she wasnt sure what she wanted to do that day and i didnt have that many ideas either. We went to blockbuster and I really didnt find a movie that I thought was interesting and either did she so we ended up not doing that. After just hanging out and not really having anything to do that day (we were just together the whole night) she invited her best friend over to work on random art and beads and crap so I ended up leaving so I could go shave and shower (I thought it would be weird if I never stopped home to shower and just stayed with her the whole day afterwards even though she never told me to leave. So I told her to call me later and I left.


Im trying to act like our hookup was no big deal because I dont know how she feels about it. She seems to be smiling way more around me now, but none of us brought it up. Last night we didnt do anything and just slept + cuddled...... Are we at the point where its sort of a mutual agreement to keep our affair a secret and make it not that big of a deal? Are we sort of together? seeing each other or what??? How can I figure out how she feels about this??? She still keeps calling me all the time.

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Sounds like she might have a drinking problem which might impact her interest/ability to be in a real relationship.


sounds like she likes hanging out and hooking up - no more, no less. make sure you use a condom because she is probably doing her "beading" with other boys too.

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