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Does Poetry Work?


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Eh? Do you mean bringing up that you're a poet in conversation with women or actually writing poems for women? Bringing up that you write poems is fine and writing poems is good for women as long as the poems ARE good. A friend of mine once received a poem from a guy who liked her, on Valentine's Day. It kick-started a relationship between them.

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In my opinion, yes, if you like the guy already (or are at least open to being interested).


GOOD poetry is really romantic.


BAD poetry (as long as the guy really did try) is absolutely adorable.


So you don't have to be good at writing in order to melt a girl with a poem. All you really have to do is try.

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This makes me sound horrible... but poetry is a big turnoff! I guess if the guy I'm dating wrote me a poem it would be cute because he hasn't written so much as a card in the 1+ year we've been on and off. It's funny because I love to read poetry on my own and I find many of the poems written by my friends beautiful. When poetry comes from a guy I'm dating I get irritated. I dated a guy who would write me a poem everyday (ick!). It's a very sweet gesture, but I'm just not that mushy or corny. Poetry could be nice once in a while if I already loved the guy, but as a way into my pants... not going to work

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I'm not into poetry. It sounds like a sweet gesture. I'd think it was a nice gesture but probably wouldn't appreciate the actual poetry itself. I'd personally prefer a guy to hold me tight and say something to me that came from his heart. I know writing down could be similar in meaning - but it doesn't have the same effect with me. Maybe it depends what the actual words were.


If it was romantic poetry, if I hadn't known him too long I might think it was too cheesy.

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