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Ok I just had a major breakthrough! (LAUGH LAUGH LAUGH)


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Ok -


So I work with animals... often times I have clients who come to me with behavior problems and so I teach the basics of behavior modification. Basically rewarding good / positive behavior. Starting out small - esp with phobias and when they reach a point a dog is anxious or hesitatnt they need to go down to the previous point where the dog was comfortable and keep reinforcing positively.


So ---- the brick that hit me in the head today!


I've been emailing my ex again... going well... (Insert positive reinforcement here!)... then I asked to call but low and behold he calls me first!... (insert positive reinforcement here)... I jokingly suggest later we get together on a weekend to watch a movie and drink some wine... (picture my ex suddenly getting anxious, pacing, turing his head, scraching at the back of his head... oops we're past comfort zone!)... take a step back and return to phone calls with positive reinforcement until he is more comfortable again... then ask to get together!


Ok - so some might argure that indeed my ex is a dog... so why not? Actually this is ALL in jest as my ex is anything but a dog.


The point is behavior modification does have it's place not only in the dog world but we actually used it with a pyschologist with my son who suffers an autistic spectrum disorder.


And why did he love me in the first place? Because at one point he felt really good about himself when he was with me. He admittedly has up walls and guards himself closely. His ability to trust me is shakey - so it makes sense that when we reached beyond his comfort zone that I step back.


Oh anyway - no one flame me here ---- I thought this was hilarious!!!



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I've made this point before on ENA. Will have to find the thread now.


Dern, can't find it. Anyway, my recommendation was that people should be watching the Dog Whisperer for hints and advice on how to handle their mates. It's better then any other relationship advice show. Cuts right to the chase.

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Bust out the clicker on him!


(btw, I have two lovely dogs and positive reinforcement along with clicker training works WONDERS...particularly when the animal is food modivated)


To be honest, if my ex would have clicked for everything I did well things may have been different. (joking, of course)


great post, made me chuckle!


I love dogs

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