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Recently started taking fluoxetine (Prozac)

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Hi everybody i'm Andrew, I posted on this forum about 6 months ago after having felt depressed for a couple of years. Well one of you guys suggested I go see a Doctor and well, it took me ages but 3 weeks ago i went and saw one. I explained what had happened to me and she said a lot of my problems were simply down to my personality but she could make me feel a little better by prescribing Prozac. Well i've been taking it for 3 weeks now and i'm not feeling any different. Could the fact that i've been depressed for so long mean the pills will take longer than the 3/4 weeks advised? Is the 3/4 week period quoted for any noticeable change concerning people that have only had depression for a few weeeks? I'm just a little concerned that this is not going to work and tbh it was my last hope.... i think deep down inside thats why i put it off for so long.

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I am sorry for how you feel, Andrew.


I have also taken anti-depressants, namely Zoloft.

They worked quite well.

But the drugs I got prescribed before that, I have forgotten their name, were not working very well.


There's always a slim chance that the psychologist first prescribes placebo pills to see whether the hurt is "imaginary" and the patient just needs a boost.


But as I said, it's a very small chance, and not very likely.

Perhaps you should talk to the doctor again and tell him/her that the medicin was effectless. I got help from a psychologist and I have been fine and dandy ever since (counting depressed). I took the pills for about eight months in daily dosages but now I haven't taken them for two years.


I hope it works out for you too, Andrew. You're never alone and there are people who are proffesionals in these matters and there solely to aid you.

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I think that everyone reacts differently to a certain medication. I took it for a while and I noticed a change right away. It could be that you don't have a chemical imbalance, but need to work through cognitive issues instead. Like how to work on thinking differently and perceptions of what other people do and say. Do you have negative self talk--like saying you are so stupid or something like that in your head? Then you will stay depressed until you can get rid of the negative self-talk.


Try taking omega 3 tablets instead. They are fish oil, and are really good for you.

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It verys per person I am on the same pill and it works for me and I know of people that it did't work for....give it some time and if it doesn't change after like a month and a half go back to you doctor and maybe they will try a different drug or more of this one...but give it alittle more time.....

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Do you have negative self talk--like saying you are so stupid or something like that in your head? Then you will stay depressed until you can get rid of the negative self-talk.



...everyone I know says that I am too hard on myself, and I do have negative thoughts, cronic negative thoughts, all the time. I thought this was simply the symptom of my depression and so by increasing my happiness with prozac the negative thoughts would aliviate.


Maybe i need both medication and some cognitive therapy?

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When I was depressed, I took pills and I tried working out in a gym.

However, the gym did not help me so I picked up boxing which helped me quite a lot. But as I still had much spare time I picked up Hung Gar Kung Fu and I really learnt how to use my body. It is true what they say, martial art increases both your physical strength and psych-strength.


Give it a try, it keeps your mind busy.

And you don't even have to fight, you could always study form.

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I took Zoloft for about two weeks and I stopped because of the sexual side effects. I now take St. John's Wort and HTP-5 for about two months now. I am still the same person I have always been but, I do find that my moods swing alot less. Also I found that the problems in my life have been keeping me down also. If the meds are not working for you yet then I would head back to the doctors and let him know that it is not working. Every med works differently for different people. Just don't stop taking the Prozak before you go back to the doctors.



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