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Sometimes I wish I was dead so I could be with my dad.

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While you are grieving it is perfectly normal to think of wanting to be with your lost one again. Death is never easy and very hard to accept.


No one "really" knows what is after death. If you end your life there isn't a guarantee that you will be with your dad again. But I understand how you are hurting and just want him back again.


Let yourself grieve, it is the only way of healing during this hard time for you. Don't lock it up and pretend the pain isn't there. That makes everything so much worse. Are you seeing a counselor right now for this? If not I would highly suggest thinking about going to one as they can help you during your grief.

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I really feel for you. You were much too young to handle losing your father and he was far too young to pass away.


It helps me cope just a tiny bit with the early loss of my all-time best friend to keep his memory alive by occasionally telling others about him. If you'd like to say a little about what your dad was like, or tell a story or two about the times you had together, this is a very good place for it.

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my dad's been gone for over 20 years and I still feel that way.


it gives me comfort to know that i'll join him when my journey's over, though.


another way you can be with him is by carrying him with you every day. continue his legacy by doing something meaningful with yourself.

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I hate that I feel like it could in any way be my fault that he died. I know its stupid but I can't help it.


It surely wasn't your fault, but you're not stupid for having those thoughts. Everybody goes through that in a situation like yours, it's only natural to wonder if there was anything that could have been done. Heaven knows I've been there more than once myself, but I finally realized that if I could have prevented these things, I would have.

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None of us are that powerful. We think we are, but we really aren't. There are so many variables that make things turn out the way they have turned out. It's our effort to make sense out of the senseless that these thoughts come to us. We need to feel like we have control in this life, when the sad fact is that our sense of control is put there for the purpose of being able to act from a place of choice and volition in areas that we are able to act on. But all the rest -- we are totally not the ones directing the show. I don't know who or what is (I am not religious) but I do know that most of this is not under our control, what happens around us, and when I have surrendered to that thought, I found a wee bit of relief.

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I know how you feel. I hadn't felt like that for a few months and now I'm starting to feel that way again.


I dunno what it is but I feel that if I weren't around things would be much better not only for me but for everyone else around me.


I wish I were dead so I could be with my grandpa who was my best friend.

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