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i have no idea what hes thinking please help me...!!

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Alright I have this hookup, I really really like him I want to say something to him.. but I have no idea what to say or how hes going to react to it. I asked him the other night what he thought of me and he said that I'm cool, and he enjoys kickin' it with me. First of all I have no idea how I should take that. I want a relationship with him but by what he said the other night I'm kinda thinkin that I'm jus another girl to him.. but just a couple nights ago he stayed the night at my house and we stayed up until almost 4 o'clock cuddling and he said we have a 'connection'...how do I make myself more than just another girl? I don't want to seem like I'm getting myself worked up over nothing.. But I just don't want to end up getting hurt and I kinda think thats how its gonna end... please help me..


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Hoi hoi, Edged.


Being a novice myself in relationships, I am afraid that I can not be of much help.


But hearing other peoples thoughts on the subject could perhaps be useful? I don't know if this will be usefull though. I'll let you be the judge of that =).


I believe in an honest relationship because like the old saying goes, "That is what love and a relationship is built on. Trust and honesty". So I would just Say how interested I really am in him and spill my feelings. It is always nice to be appreciated and loved by others is it not? Perhaps if you just came clean he would understand everything and be just as honest back to you?


You also mentioned that you did not want to be "Just another girl". Is he known for having a lot of girls? And if so, is that why you are afraid he would trail off, would you tell him your feelings? If this is correct I do not believe that he is someone worthy of being loved by you. All of this is very easy for me to say, but it is how I feel and I just hope that I could be of atleast some help.


Good luck on whatever you choose to do in the future

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Welcom to Enotalone Edged.


Well I am not that experaned in relationships my self. Well just tell him the truth. I beleve he has feelings for you too.

how do I make myself more than just another girl?
That I cant help you with becouse I dont know how. I wish that I could be more of help.
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I wouldn't rush anything. Just hang in there and see where things go. If you are staying at each others places and "cuddling" most likely you mean more to him than just being "another girl". I have to disagree with the other post telling you to spill your feelings to him. Honesty is extremely important, but you don't have to lay it all out in one long breath for him. It might scare him off, making him feel cornered and that he has to make a decision right then and there. It sounds like you two are already close, set up some more situations where the two of you might end up alone. Invite him over to watch a movie, or television. Cook dinner for the two of you sometime. Just don't rush into things. Be calm and enjoyable and he will enjoy spending more and more time with you.


Best Wishes,


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