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Anyone had this problem with women?


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So I've been out with a few 5 outta 10's and 6 outta 10's(in my league, so to speak) I'm 20. But I feel annoyed and bitter, like I'm missing out on Class A babes. Anyone here feel bitter and resentful because they're not dating the hottest chicks? I am.


8 outta 10 rated women and higher don't really bother with guys like me because, hell, they know getting dates is no problem for them. So confidence is the key hey? Well these babes love confidence, but you think they can't find confidence in hot guy, of course they can! Which is why guys like me don't have chances with these hotties.


Really, I'm a 6/10 guy, say there is a 8/10 guy next, say we've both got great personalites, who do you think the babe will choose, me, or the more handsome guy? Of course the 8/10 guy!


It's so bad that when I'm having sex with these 5/10 6/10 girls that I often can't even cum. All day everyday I have these bitter feelings about hotties run through my mind. Any advice?

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Oi, Johnny-has.


I don't know what I can say being someone who tries to look deeper into my victims than just their looks. I do recognise your problem concering sex.. I have experienced the very same thing but I really do regret that now.. Not giving her what she deserves.


I mean, If you love a girl and stay together with her your views on her will change no matter what you think. They'll turn out to be really beautiful on both sides.


I don't think I gave you much advice here.. I hope though that you can get over your problem and find a nice girl soon.

I would also like to apologize for any grammatical errors I might have made. ( yesterday)

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Maybe you should try not rating these girls!! These girls are with you because they like you, maybe they want to get to know you beter, but how can you possibly be giving your all? If you are thinking of 'hot chicks' while you are having sex with them, then you aren't really with them at all. You're in your own fantasy world. Believe me, looks are NOT everything! Surely it's the personality of a person that matters? Love doesn't come about because somebody looks beautiful. Love comes about when you get to know someone, and with time, feel as one with them. If you're not looking for love, then I guess you'll do fine carrying on as you are, but if you want something more meaningful, you have to stop rating these girls! Give somebody a chance....see the inner beauty of that person. It really is that simple!

Love Kitty x

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I am guessing u aint lookin for love,


i mean sure physical attraction is needed, but its not the end all of going out with a person;


hey all ican say is that, improve urself and take more risks with this 8/10 girls , i mean it dosent matter to you accept that she should be hot so ,


flatter a hot girl enough and she will fall for u, casue they are pretty fickle minded and cant see beyond themselves ;



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Oh no no no guys, hmm I didn't write that post to well, guess it does sound kinda shallow, but I'm after the WHOLE package, if the girl is hot but has a dead beat personality then I'm outta there faster then the flash.


You see I'm REALLY picky, I want BOTH, good looking, and a great personality. Told you I'm picky. But hey, I can't help who I like right? Neither can anyone else for that matter.

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