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Am getting curious, is he dating some one else ?

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I dont knw , been strong since gone into NC for last 2 weeks. Ex hasn't called or messeged. He's always been the one who's stayed strong n showed no emtion. But today am gettin this itch to find out if he's dating some one new....I don't think he's alone by himself, or he wud have tried to made some contact............someone tie me uppppp:splat:

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I wouldn't even go there. As much as you want to know ... don't go there.


What if he is dating someone new? SO what? There is nothing you can do about it.


I'd just keep doing NC. I wouldn't even press the issue.


Exactly ... yup yup yup


dont drive yourself crazy over what he is doing...stay focused on yourself .. otherwise you will be stuck in this place ...and YOU will never meet someone new to date. =)

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I know, I just saw a couple on the street hold hands and walk...sigh....think that got me all worked up...now am gonna go watch the Spongebob Squarepants Movie..hope that cheers me up


I know it's hard. You can't let things get you all worked up. IF you continue to do that then you will never heal and move on.


Go watch Spongebob ... get things off your mind. Whatever you do DON'T contact him!

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Hey TB!


Fella - I am ready to fly out there and strap you down!


You have done so well mate - and you know first hand what happens when you contact him in a weak moment - it just hurts you and sets you back. You know this is true.


Who knows what he is doing and who cares - he has treated you pretty shabbily, hasn't he? Do you want more shoddy treatment?


Keep strong fella - put some space between you - walk away and work on you. Respect and love you because you are a pretty decent guy. It is so easy to look back - to even walk back - but you look daft especially when you keep tripping up! It IS much easier to walk forward.


I think you have turned a corner here and know what needs to be done - am I right?


Take care mate.



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Stay strong and don't fall into the trap. Contacting him will give you a very VERY temporary "high" and then you'll crash much lower. And if you really KNEW he was with someone else... how would it make you feel? Ignorance is bliss in this case.


Go watch Spongebob! Thee David Hasslehoff part always makes me laugh....LOL

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