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My crush disaster!!


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Alrighty, I have a huge crush on this lad at school. I have no classes with him, and have never spoken to him. He's very quiet, but still a very funny guy. Oh man, I like him so much. A told a few friends (which was a big mistake) and now I get the feeling that everybody knows. I'm super paranoid. I dont even know why I think its a bad thing. When he's with a group of friends it always seems like 2 or 3 of them keep looking over at me...Ahhh. What if he just thinks I'm creepy? I've been trying to work up courage to go talk to him, but now, if he knows I like him and thinks I'm weird, I dont know if I can. If you're a guy can you tell me what you'd think if you found out a random girl likes you? Any advice is swell! Thanks!

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I would have to say COOL. Who cares if you like him dont lissen to the masses on what they say. But now you know that you dont want to tell your friends stuff that you dont want out. Ask him out to the next dance that is a good way to sak him out. I have been told that a girl has a crush on me but that has been after they have been merried. The saying I hate is "I had a crush on you back in high school" Why can tyou girls just come out and tell us? Oh well back to you ask him out. I wish you the best of luck with him.

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