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Can't keep erection for sex


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I'm 18, and I've been with my girlfriend for about 2 months , and we started to (try) having sex.

During everything else we did, hand and blow jobs and everything, my penis worked perfectly fine.

But the minute I put on the condom, or the minute i get inside her, i lose my boner. This has never happened to me before in my sexual life.

It's obviously from psychological reasons...

I am pretty much attracted to my girlfriend, but I'm not 100% sure about this relationship and having doubts about it.

I also told her I loved her when I really don't...

She's a very horny girl, and this relationship is pretty much based on sex.

So how could the sex not even work ??


These occasions really low my sexual confidence, and it drives me crazy, and the more it happens the more nervous I get.


Please help,


Thanks ahead.

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Ok, wait. Is it only with a condom on? Do you stay erect when inside her without a condom?


Because lots of guys have trouble with condoms. You might not be able to get over that one, and if not there are other solutions, such as get yourselves both tested and if no diseases, then use another form of birth control.


If you lose it when inside her without a condom, well you have to deal with the issues, and there are ways, such as just relax, and dont make the sex primary, don't think about it so much, lessen the importance of it, just cuddle, if it happens it happens, like that.

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debaser_wolf: I've had a few from both, and I never felt like I do with this one ... I was much more interested in the others, either physically or mentally or both.



RoseJessica07: It could be it, but still I don't think you have to love someone to have sex with them (with love it's much better, but still).



sweet+pea: We haven't tried sex without condom yet, but soon she'll take some other protections and we'll give it a try.

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I was much more interested in the others, either physically or mentally or both.



Lack of interest could be your main problem. I'd either take a break from the sex and work on getting mentally closer(and usually that'll help you get physically closer) or if you just want a sex buddy, move on.


Some people just don't push each others buttons.

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