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First date with girl I have liked for years! HELP!


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Let me give you all some background information on me and this girl before we start. We meet back around my freshman year in high school. She went to a different school near by, and we talked some over the internet. I ended up going on a date or two with her younger cousin. It didn't really work out, so we split. I ended up dating her after me and her cousin split. We went on a date or two, then she came to me saying that she felt bad about us being together and that she didn't want her cousin to be mad at her, so we ended up splitting.


About 4 years later, my freshman year in college, she shows up in one my classes. We talked and sat by each other. We never really did anything but talk. I was living with my girlfriend of 3 years during this time. Even though I had a girlfriend, my heart still dropped everytime this girl came into the class and sat by me. I told my best friend all about it, and asked him what I should do. I decided that the best thing for me to do was stay with my current girlfriend because I NEVER want cheat on anyone, and I cared about her and she cared about me. The semester ended, and a year and a half went by.


During this last year and a half, my girlfriend that I was living with cheated on me, she packed up and left. I was heartbroken. I went into depression for weeks, and for the next few months I had to recover. I never have dated anyone after that.


Now to what happened. Last night I came home and sat down at the computer and see that the girl I had a "crush" on(the same one I liked but she wouldn't date me because of her cousin), if thats what you would call it had imed me. I was excited. We talked about what was going on in our lives and college. We are both sophmores in college now. She ended up telling me that her boyfriend of 1.5 years had broken up with her. I decided to hit on her some, and it worked. She asked me how my love life was. I told her I don't have a love life. She responded by saying that she thought all of the good guys were taken. I then told her that it would be nice to go to dinner and a movie this weekend, and she said it sure would. She then gave me her number again, then we went to sleep.


What I am trying to figure out if this is a real date or just some friends going out to catch up. I still feel the same way about this girl that I have for years, and I am very nervous.


Let me know what you all think. Thanks!

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Sounds to me like you have a date! Good work!


Word of advice: Don't throw yourself at this girl. I know you've liked her for a long time, so it can be tempting to make declarations of love and hotness and all that early on. Make sure you get her to like you too. That doesn't mean don't make moves on her if it seems right.


Have fun on your date!

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It definitely seems that she is interested and you have pretty good chances there

For sure by now the whole "cousin story" doesnt matter anymore (and she probably realised by now that it shouldnt have mattered in the first place). Who knows, she might have still cared about you for all that time also....


I think you will know if its a "real" date by the way she responds to you when you are together. So be yourself and try not to break your head over this. Just don't act too "eager", that can be a real turn off in my opinion.

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So yesterday was the big day. I went to work that morning, and got a text message from her saying that one of the girls at her work had called in sick and she would have to close tonight, so our movie plans went out the door.


She didn't end up getting off till 10, but we sent tons of texts of that period of time. I didn't know how to really handle this situation, so I just told her that it was ok stuff like that happens and maybe we can plan for another day or just see each other around school if she doesn't want to. She then told me that she wants to go next Saturday. We texted each other the rest of the night after this.


Was wanting to know what you all thought? Do you think she just made that up because she was nervous, or do you think that really happened? At first I thought she was just changing her mind, but then she told me she wanted to go next Saturday so who knows. Let me know!

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Was wanting to know what you all thought? Do you think she just made that up because she was nervous, or do you think that really happened? At first I thought she was just changing her mind, but then she told me she wanted to go next Saturday so who knows. Let me know!


I expect some1 did call in sick and she wants to meet up with you.

She seems interested, because she gave you another offer.


Are you busy this saturday? Because most people usually are. I would say to her "Hey saturday sounds great, give me a call saturday evening and maybe we'll see about meeting up then" "gotta go, see you later"


if you are not busy on saturday, then arrange a time/place to meet up. Don't drop your plans just because she rescheduled another day.

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I know. It sounds to me too like she is interested, but this is all just really hard for me to believe. I just wish there was something I could say or ask her to get her to tell me if she is taking this as a REAL date, or just a "friends catching up on things" type of get together.

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Does it matter if you two are "friends catching up on things" anyway?

If you ask her "Is this a real date?" It now puts added pressure on you both.


I see my dates as (she seems like a kool person, i'll see where this goes, if nothing happens she might make a nice friend). For all i know, she could not be what i'm looking for, she could be a pain in the ass, there could be some incongruency between us, which i've experienced in the past.


Get to know her, and figure out if she is the type of person you want to spend more time with. Actually figure that out! dont think (oh she's HOT i'd definitely like to spend more time with her!)

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