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i think im becoming obsessed

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ive been with my boyfriend for 2 years and some months, and i think im starting to get obsessed. when his friends call i get jealous, when i turn on the tv and "the man show" is on... im like HES PROBABLY WATCHING IT. And really hes at work. I call him every second and make fights with him all the time... and hes never doing anything that i would disapprove of, but it seems like im making things up in my head. Its not fun at all sitting at home and waiting for him. I would screw up all my plans with friends if he was off work to do something with me. I try and talk to him but he says I think way to much about things. I just want to be happy, but im so afraid of being hurt. I know he loves me but what if he gets sick of me, what if im not pretty enough for him, what if another girl comes into his life, what if what if what if. I dont know what to do... I need a guys advice and id really appriciate if someone would talk me through this because i am driving myself and him crazy. All's i want to do is be with him, i never want to do anything else. i love him so much and i want to be the best thing he has ever had and ever will have. but what if he gets sick of seeing me and wants to move on... what if?

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Having fears is a sign of insecurity. Whether you know you are insecure or not, you're able to make up all kinds of different scenarios in your head.


I would suggest going to a therapist to help you put a finger on exactly why you feel this way. I'm sure he hasn't done anything to justify your jealousy, it's just that sometimes we are naturally jealous. I'm sure there is nothing bad going on on his part, it's just a simple insecurity you're having, which causes you to run a million and one scenarios through your head.


I think you should give counseling a shot, it really can help a lot.

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I mean I think theropy would be good, but is there some way i can over come this myself? some way i can just Work on it myself (i try and it works for acouple days than i get insecure again) Is there any way that I can do it myself? I mean Im only 18 years old and I dont have a job right now because Im helping my Mom with my father who has Hepatitis C.. I stay home and take care of him. What Im saying is. I dont want my mother to know that im depressed. Shes to depressed herself to worry about me going to theropy.


I think talking to you guys will help me.. If you give me straight out honest answers. I just need to know... from the guys:


When your with your girlfriend for 2 years and some months. SHes pretty, skinny, nice butt, very nice... And you see very very hot girls, your going to look right?... but that doesnt mean your thinking about leaving your girlfriend..... right?


I dont want to loose him, I dont like myself as it is. I just wish i was different looking - for him... maybe Tan, big breasts, but Im not...


Could other girls looks get in the way of the girl you love?

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