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Meeting Girls


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Hey Guys


So im going to a club all day on saturday because its australia day so there having all these famous djs there. Now im not normally a clubbing person ( i go occasionally and dont mind it, but have no idea who these djs are) but i think it wud be good to meet girls. Anyway so what would be a good way to approach a girl in a club? dancing with them randomly is what my mates do but im not a dancer. Also any one have some good opening lines, i know there is no special line that will make her like you but everything i can think of the girls would of heard before like "hi im rusty, how are you" its just not suave. Also is there a way you can tell if shes a) interested and b) taken

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Wellll. You could go to a bar? Approach a girl that way, offer to buy a drink? If she says know shes taken? OR you could make eye contact with a girl you like the look of and if she keeps making eye contact back you'll know shes interested, move onto smiling and if she gives welcoming signs back then approach her and say Hey, she'll know your interested just through body language and you can just get talking.

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I love australia day!


you could use that as an opening line...sounds silly but 'hi! happy australia day!' is not going to offend anyone. and if she returns the sentiment you can get themed and ask 'so...what does australia mean to you?' or just 'are you having a good one?' and if she responds, offer to buy her a drink...if she's taken, she'll let you know at that point and you can walk away without feeling silly as you havent used any dodgy chat up lines.


bring on next australia day...sydney here i come!! woop woop!


good luck! xx

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Okay here's how I do it.


Walk around like you own the club and everything in it. You have to strut you stuff and put out the vibe that any woman that you give your attention to is the luckiest woman alive. Get in the mindset that you're a hot commodity, you know it and you're happy about it.


Keep your hands out of your pockets, stand tall, head up, chest out, shoulders back and take up a lot of space. Even if you're 5'1" you should act like you're 8 feet tall because 'you're the man'. lol The way you carry yourself has a huge impact on your success rate.


When you do see a girl you're attracted to, make eye contact and smile at her. Without hesitation go right up to her and start a conversation. Remember, you're 'the man' and as 'the man' you don't feel even a little bit insecure. Your attitude is such that when you see something you want you take it.


What you say to her when you do approach her doesn't really matter too much so long as you present yourself as 'the man'. Ideally you want to throw her off kilter by saying something unexpected to bring her guard down. The key to being successful is to make her feel that you're sizing her up. You're making an assumption that she wants you. Since you're such a hot commodity, you're in high demand and for her to get such a great product she must qualify herself.


ummm...I don't really know how to explain what works for me besides saying be 'the man'. lol

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Yeah, Someguy88 made some very good points here.


I wouldnt advise going up to random girls and dancing against them on the dancefloor, unless you've the confidence, and don't look a total Tw*t doing so.

I posted this reply to a similar question in another thread the other day:




Approach a girl with something to say that's different, something she hasnt heard before, something that will make her think. If she's with a group of mates, engage the group in the conversation too.

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I gotta give you props, I don't know where you learned it, but those are some SOLID

gold principles that bring the best results, in ANY envoirnment.


In addition to what you wrote, Id say that rusty should focus more on having a good time and talk to as many women and men as possible, without trying to get something

from the interaction. After talking to a ton of people, opportunities will start to unveil themselves. From that point, you just flirt and choose. Ask around about an after party or host one yourself and invite people.


People all want to be social and have a great time.


I walk up to women and just joke around, "Hey guys wassup. Did you just ask to make out with me? Oh really. When you are let me know" or whatever.


I say some unbelievable stuff to women out of fun. Sometimes they get aggressive and you have to manage that


Confidence is all you really need. period. Possessing some social intelligence and skill also come into play since women are social creatures. Be cool, social and friendly and you'll

attract more than you can handle.


Throw caution to the wind and have fun. I'm looking forward to attending some of these events in my own back yard this spring.





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