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How to stop thumb sucking??

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okay. now is the time to get him to stop.

because i was a thumb sucker until age 12. yeah you read that right.

and the only thing that stopped me was getting fake nails put on (for fun)...

and for some reason, i never wanted to stick that huge ugly nail into my mouth! and then a week later, when they fell off, i never had a desire to suck my thumb ever again!.. funny story, but true.

and for the record, the thumb sucking did ruin my bite. i was sucking my upper palate in. so to save yourself some money from orthadontal trips, i hope he quits soon!


perhaps you could google 'stop thumb sucking'. and see what techniques people have come up with that would be more helpful to your son than fake nails. haha. good luck!

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I know this may sound cruel.


But put habanero hot sauce on his thumb.


My dog used to eat his fecal matter and we would put hot sauce on it to stop him and when he ate it again he snapped and started licking the grass and he never ate his poop again.


And yes sucking your thumb can give you buck teeth.

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i dunno. i think the worms from your fingernails that go into your brain story was pretty good. PLUS you'll save on doctors visits because he wont be putting his hand anywhere near his face which saves you from at least 80% of school illnessses.

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My boss was telling me just the other day about her daughter and their issues with thumb-sucking. They took her to an orthodontist and he put in this "retainer" thing that can't be easily removed. It is designed to keep them from sucking their thumb. Not sure what it is, but maybe you can research it and find out?


Good luck...

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if its what i think it is (and i had it) its called an expander. and you have a little key and you twist it to widen the upper mouth since its been 'sucked in'... no idea if its the same thing but with that said, i had both an expander/braces..AND a retainer and i sucked my thumb through all of it. ahahah. where theres a will theres a way! she really just needs to freak him out.

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My brother was a thumb sucker for a good while until my dad waited until he was sucking his thumb and then grabbed my brother's had and stuck it in the ashes bucket we had by the fireplace. He then refused to let my brother wash his thumb off. It was extreme, but it worked. I used to suck my two middle fingers when I was younger and I just stopped when I had my first sleep-over...just...poof?

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The retainer that I think PixelPusher was referring to is a retainer called a "Tongue Crib" you put in their mouth and it nearly makes it impossible for them to suck their thumb. My friend had to use one for her daughter because she was still sucking her thumb at 10 years old. It broke her habit in no time, once they get used to doing something else to occupy their time or to soothe them then they forget about it.





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Thumbsucking is more or less a comfort or security object for most kids, and that becomes somewhat of a bad habit instead of a comfort object as they get older and the older they are the harder it is to break. I don't really think it has anything to do with any underlying problems. It is just like anything, once it becomes a habit it's hard to break.


I agree the retainer looks scary but honestly, if my friend had never told me her daughter was wearing it I never would have known and of course at first she was alittle weird with it because it was a foreign object in her mouth but after the first couple of days it didn't seem to bother her at all.

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I was the same way...including with the yucky thumb stuff - suck long enough and the taste goes away. It does not matter whether it is hot sauce, that yucky horrible stuff.....if you WANT to suck your thumb...you will as you know the taste will go away after a bit....


For me, it was a just a matter of outgrowing it (I did around 6 or 7). Once I went to school, had friends, went to sleepovers....it just was not "cool" to do anymore.


My teeth are fine; but you may want to talk to his dentist about his teeth, and some options suitable if it is a problem.

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