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Losing confident.......


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Briefly, i'm an average look guys who's studying in local university of my country. I started my relationship 1yr plus ago. Things seem to go sweet at the beginning, til the middle(now) when i started to lose confident in myself. She seems to changed and i cant have the feeling that she gave me at the beginning of the relationship. She always look down on me in many things, like :


1.) my height

- i'm just about same height as her, she said because of that she doesnt have chance to wear high heel shoes when going out with me


2.) protest and dislike things i do

-she likes me to do things the way she prefer rather than the way i like


3.) my vehicles

- I came from an average family, so i can only afford a bike to college. She dont like to follow me to class because she said she prefer to go with car where her hair wont get messy!


~it hurts me alot when gals told this to someone who love them so much!


4.) never treat me like her bf

- she seldom be with me in university, she rather mix around with her so-called friends who just go for her when they need her!


5.) care about what her friends think, rather than how i think?

- damn it, sometime she never care about my feelings in front of her friend


there are more....


I'm trying my best to give her everything i can, but it seems like never enough or maybe im not good enough for her? is she asking to much, or am i just an axXhole than does'nt deserve to get this relationship starteD? do money and wealth really that important for gals? i believe that if she loves u just because u have all the things she wants, maybe is because she loves your stuff rather than u...........


but do u guys think this few issues is enough to piss off my relationship?

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